Sports connect

Sports connect people across borders and motivate them to be fair and perform to the best of their ability, regardless of the discipline. Deutsche Bank has promoted competitive sports for decades.

Since 1955, we have supported the renowned World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen. In addition, with the Deutsche Bank Equestrian Sport Academy we support young riders.

As a national sponsor of the German Sports Aid Foundation, Deutsche Bank promotes top collegiate athletes, thus helping young talents engage in competitive sports during their studies. The partnership with the football club Eintracht Frankfurt is building a bridge between competitive and mass sports.

Our sports involvement

CHIO and Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank and CHIO Aachen

Since 1955, as a partner of CHIO Aachen, Deutsche Bank has awarded the world-renowned Deutsche Bank Prize.

Deutsche Bank Equestrian Sport Academy Deutsche Bank Equestrian Sport Academy

The initiative promotes young exceptional dressage talents with targeted training measures. Participants have access to selected international tournaments and receive individual coaching.

Past meets future: Deutsche Bank Park Deutsche Bank Park

The area around the Eintracht Frankfurt stadium is called Deutsche Bank Park. With this exclusive engagement, Deutsche Bank is building a bridge between competitive and mass sports.

Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship (in German) Deutsche Bank Sports Scholarship

The scholarship is a cornerstone of the partnership with Deutsche Sporthilfe. Each year the bank exclusively supports up to 300 collegiate athletes with the Deutsche Bank Sports-Scholarship, and Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Sporthilfe award the "Sports Scholarship Holder of the Year".

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Artist of the Year (opens new window) Artist of the Year

The award by Deutsche Bank honors international emerging artists.

A unique partnership – Deutsche Bank and Berliner Philharmoniker Deutsche Bank and Berliner Philharmoniker

For more than 30 years, Deutsche Bank and the Berliner Philharmoniker have enjoyed a close partnership. Together, we enable initiatives that aim to give the general public access to classical music.

English Theatre (opens new window) English Theatre Frankfurt

The English Theatre in Frankfurt am Main is the largest English-language stage in continental Europe. Deutsche Bank has supported the theatre and its educational program for many years.

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