Promoting artists

Promoting contemporary artists

Young people need exposure to culture to develop their personality, and young artists need platforms to communicate with their followers. Deutsche Bank supports both groups.

77 %

of all Europeans consider art as an important part of their life

What do we want to achieve?

  • Giving artists creative space – and supporting a creative art scene
  • Enabling an interdisciplinary exchange among artists and musicians and helping them become independent
  • Promoting contemporary artists from different cultural circles

How are we implementing that?

Our support of young visual artists and musicians has four aspects:

  • We give scholarships to artists to ensure their financial independence to work on a project for a period of time.
  • We present awards such as the “Artist of the Year” or the “Views” art prize in Poland to give young artists a promotional platform.
  • We promote practical collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange with programs such as Academy Opera Today, enabled by the Deutsche Bank Foundation.

What have we achieved?

  • Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprises: More than 150 artists from different disciplines were assisted in launching their own companies after completing their studies.
  • Supporting the Berliner Philharmoniker’s Orchestra Academy: Since its launch, the support program has trained 600 musicians for a career in a professional orchestra.
  • The unique Academy Opera Today, enabled by the Deutsche Bank Foundation, continuously promotes the interdisciplinary artistic exchange among aspiring opera professionals. Over the past years, some 200 scholar recipients and alumni have formed a lively network and developed a vivid artistic collaboration.
  • Support for the artists’ quarters Villa Romana in Florence since 1929 by the Deutsche Bank Foundation.
Promoting contemporary artists

Infographic: What do artist really need?

Time, tust, financial support, publicity - young artists have different needs at different times. We try to find individual solutions

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