Measuring, evaluating and managing corporate responsibility

Clients, investors and society demand transparent corporate policies and actions. Sustainability ratings and indices assess corporate achievements in environmental, social and governance areas and serve clients and investors who consider social and environmental aspects in their decisions. We set great store by our standing in relevant ratings and indices and our sustainability performance has been assessed regularly by recognized independent authorities in recent years. We have also received numerous awards for social responsibility.

To ensure effective implementation of our sustainability strategy and to control eco-efficiency measures, Deutsche Bank uses a comprehensive Sustainability Management System, among other controls. We regularly gather relevant consumption data in order to analyze environmental performance and understand how to improve.

Our annual Global Impact Tracking (GIT), rolled out in 2012, evaluates whether our investments are aligned with our goal of building social capital. The tool was set up to assess the impact of our programs and systematically collect feedback from our community partners.

Sustainability management and environmental data collection

Deutsche Bank uses a sustainability management system – among other tools – to implement our sustainability strategy and manage eco-efficiency measures effectively. The system collects all relevant consumption figures continually in a global database so we can analyze the data and identify potential for optimization.

Sustainability Management System

Deutsche Bank has used a group-wide sustainability management system based on the ISO 14001-standard since 1999. It covers environmental, social and governance issues and includes structures, processes and responsibilities for effective implementation of the sustainability strategy.

The sustainability management system supports our aim to continually improve our sustainability performance in all areas – in our core business as a financial services provider, our operational environmental protection measures, personnel management, and corporate management. It enables us to recognize and rectify any undesirable developments at an early stage.

Our sustainability management system was audited in 2014 to meet the requirements of the 2012 to 2015 cycle for recertification.

Over the next years we want to improve our sustainability management in five key areas:

  • Strengthening the strategic approach of our sustainability management
  • Defining a new and improved stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Making our sustainability goals more strategic
  • Introducing key performance indicators (KPIs) for sustainability and a system for monitoring and reporting on their performance
  • Updating our system for managing sustainability risks, especially in areas that are particularly sensitive for our business.

Monitoring performance

554,100 m3

We have cut water use since 2009.

More eco-efficiency data.

Environmental data

We collect all relevant consumption figures continually in a global database so we can analyze the data and identify potential for optimization. more

Sustainability management is a top priority

Nachhaltigkeits-Management-System: wichtige Funktionen und Steuerung

The ultimate responsibility for sustainability management lies with the Management Board, which sets policies and monitors progress. The Group Sustainability Officer, who is also Co-Chair of the interdivisional Environmental Steering Committee (ESC) and a member of the Group Reputational Risk Committee, is responsible for implementation.

The Group Sustainability Officer coordinates the sustainability program of Deutsche Bank, working with the sustainability officers of the business divisions and infrastructure areas, and concludes agreements on goals and measures. The business units and infrastructure areas of the Bank are responsible for implementing measures to achieve their sustainability goals and are required to inform employees about sustainability issues and raise staff awareness of related matters.


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Environmental and Social (ES) Policy Framework (PDF)

Corporate Responsibility – Report 2016 (PDF)

Sustainability at Deutsche Bank – information for investors (PDF)

Measuring Impact – from setting to assessing goals

Our annual global Impact Tracking (GIT), rolled out in 2012, evaluates whether our investments are aligned with our strategic objectives. The tool was set up to assess the impact of our programmes and systematically collect feedback from our community partners.

Sustainability ratings and indices – Creating transparency for investors

Deutsche Bank has been included in leading sustainability indices for many years. This acknowledges our commitment and sends important signals to our target groups. For example, our company is in the top ten percent of financial service providers in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

We can only meet the expectations of our stakeholder groups and earn a good assessment by comprehensively integrating sustainability principles into the strategic orientation, corporate management and core business activities of the Bank.

Deutsche Bank is holding its own in the most important sustainability indices

A continuing focus on sustainability earned Deutsche Bank a place in the CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI) for the second time in 2013. The CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) is a non-profit organisation that asks the largest stock exchange listed companies to publish their greenhouse gas emissions every year. With a score of 91 (out of 100 possible) points in the disclosure category and an A rating in evaluation of performance (on a scale of A to E) with reference to the criteria of the CDP, Deutsche Bank is one of 75 companies worldwide that are listed in the CPLI.

With its listing in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices – a leading group of global equity indices that take environmental and social criteria into account in addition to economic aspects – Deutsche Bank has reinforced its position among the top ten percent of companies in the financial sector on its sustainability performance. Deutsche Bank remains the only German bank listed on both the DJSI Europe and World indices since they were launched in 1999.

Deutsche Bank has also once again been listed in the FTSE4Good Index. To be included in this index published by the London Stock Exchange, companies have to meet stringent requirements relating to the environment and climate protection, human and labour rights and anti-corruption.

Deutsche Bank has been listed from the outset in the STOXX Global ESG Leaders Index, which is published by Deutsche Börse and the STOXX Indices. Deutsche Bank has also been able to achieve positive results in other leading sustainability ratings. Among other things, we succeeded in improving our results in the ranking of the international research agency Sustainalytics and were once again accorded prime status in the Oekom Corporate Responsibility Review 2013. Oekom Research is one of the world’s leading rating agencies in the field of sustainable investments.

“The companies in the Climate Performance Leadership Index demonstrate a clear commitment to manage their greenhouse gas emissions and take action on climate change. Organizations that work to reduce their emissions and integrate climate change issues into their business strategies have the potential for cost savings, revenue generating opportunities and, ultimately, a more resilient future.”

Paul Simpson Managing Director of the Carbon Disclosure Project

Deutsche Bank is assessed amongst others by the
following sustainability organizations:

Sustainability ratings 2015 2014 2013
CDP (on a scale from 0 to 100/from A to E) 100/Band B 92/Band B 91/Band A
oekom research (on a scale from A+ to D-) C/Prime C/Prime C/Prime
RobecoSAM (on a scale from 0 to 100) 72 70 78
Sustainalytics (on a scale from 0 to 100) 67 62 61

Deutsche Bank is listed in the following sustainability indexes

Index category Index name
NASDAQ OMX NASDAQ OMX CRD Global Sustainability Index
FTSE Indices FTSE 4Good Index Series (Global, Global 100, Europe, Europe 50)
Dow Jones DJSI World
DJSI Europe

RobecoSAM, Sustainability rating 2014

Rating of 100+ banks worldwide. Deutsche Bank is among the top 10%

Source: RobecoSAM AG, Oct 2014


Do you have questions about sustainability ratings and indices? Please send your e-mail to:


Certificate of Carbon Performance Leadership Index (PDF)

Corporate Responsibility – Report 2014 (PDF)

The Secretaries Award

The Secretaries’ Award for Public-Philanthropic Partnerships

Corporate Citizenship | US

Deutsche Bank received the Secretaries’ Award for Public-Philanthropic Partnerships for its project NYC Housing and Neighborhood Recovery Donor Collaborative. The goal of the collaborative is to provide funds to build capacity among NYC’s nonprofits and to increase local knowledge about how to prepare for future climate events.


Builders of the New New York Award

Corporate Citizenship | US

The New York Immigration Coalition honored Deutsche Bank with a 2014 Builders of the New New York Award in recognition for its ongoing commitment to New York’s immigrant community, particularly for Anchoring Achievement in Mexican Communities, an education initiative.


McNulty Prize 2014

Corporate Citizenship | South Africa
The Bulungula Incubator, supported by the Deutsche Bank South Africa Foundation, and Réjane Woodroffe received the McNulty Prize. The programme was honored for its pioneering work on rural development in South Africa, its important role in improving the dire situation, and for organising early childhood education.

Investing in the Future & Drivers of Change awards 2014

Corporate Citizenship | South Africa
The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA), supported by Deutsche Bank, received the Investing in the Future & Drivers of Change awards in the category Youth development.

Patron of the Arts Award 2014

Corporate Citizenship | Singapore
Deutsche Bank received the Patron of the Arts Awards from the National Arts Council in Singapore. It recognises Deutsche Bank’s support for Singapore Chinese Orchestra and OH! Open House.

Patron of Heritage Art Award 2014

Corporate Citizenship | Singapore
Deutsche Bank Singapore received the Patron of Heritage Award for the fourth time. The Deutsche Bank Art Bus programme, a platform specifically tailored to introduce art to schoolchildren, is part of the Born to Be programme in the region which aims to make art education more accessible to children and to develop their appreciation of contemporary art.
Arts and Business Award 2014

The Arts & Business Awards 2014

Corporate Citizenship ǀ UK
The Arts & Business Awards in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover celebrated six of the very best arts and business collaborations. Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Enterprises, part of Born to Be in the UK, won the Arts & Business Award for Corporate Responsibility.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum Patrons of the Arts Awards 2012

Art & Music ǀ Dubai

For its contribution to the Art in Dubai 2012, Deutsche Bank was honored by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum Patrons of the Arts Awards and recognized as “Supporter of the Art”.


Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum Patrons of the Arts Awards 2013

Art & Music ǀ Dubai

For the fourth year Deutsche Bank has been honored as "Patron of the Art" by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum for its contribution to the Art in Dubai.


Annual Multimedia Award 2013

Multimedia Germany

Deutsche Bank won silver in two categories at the Annual Multimedia Award 2013. Deutsche was honored for its pass-on-your-passion website in the “Microsite” category and for its Art Works App in the category “Mobile Apps”.


Charity Times Awards 2012

Corporate Citizenship ǀ UK

Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank has been highly commended as "Corporate Social Responsibility Project of the Year" at the Charity Times Awards 2012. The project introduces young people from schools across London to Shakespeare’s plays.


JAXUSA Partnership Industry Leader Award

Corporate Citizenship ǀ USA

The JAXUSA Partnership, Jacksonville and Northeast Florida's regional economic development initiative, honored Deutsche Bank with the JAXUSA Partnership Industry Leader Award for its outstanding business performance and corporate citizenship engagement in this region.


Platinum Award for Payroll Giving 2012

Employee Engagement ǀ UK

The UK government awarded Deutsche Bank one of the first Platinum awards for payroll giving, which recognizes Deutsche Bank’s commitment to supporting employees' engagement and donations.


Econ Award 2012

Corporate Communication

The CSR Report 2011 and the CSR Webspecial are nominated for the Econ Award 2012.



Corporate Citizenship ǀ UK

The Deutsche Bank program "Greentowers" won the immobilienmanager.AWARD in the category "Sustainability".

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