Capital Management

Our Treasury function manages capital both at Group level and locally in each region. Treasury implements our capital strategy, which itself is developed by the Capital and Risk Committee and approved by the Management Board, including the issuance and repurchase of shares. We are fully committed to maintaining our sound capitalization both from an economic and regulatory perspective. We continually monitor and adjust our overall capital demand and supply in an effort to achieve the optimal balance of the economic and regulatory considerations at all times and from all perspectives. These perspectives include book equity based on IFRS accounting standards, regulatory and economic capital as well as specific capital requirements from rating agencies. 

Regional capital plans covering the capital needs of our branches and subsidiaries across the globe are prepared on an annual basis and presented to the Group Investment Committee. Most of our subsidiaries are subject to legal and regulatory capital requirements. Local Asset and Liability Committees attend to those needs under the stewardship of our regional Treasury teams. Local Asset and Liability Committees further safeguard compliance with all requirements such as restrictions on dividends allowable for remittance to Deutsche Bank AG or regarding the ability of our subsidiaries to make loans or advances to the parent bank. In developing, implementing and testing our capital and liquidity, we take such legal and regulatory requirements into account.

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