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November 1, 2000

Deutsche Bank Group Interim Report as at 30 September 2000

Record nine-month-results; sustained momentum: 

  • Net income +139 % year-on-year to EUR 4.4 bn
  • EPS more than doubled to EUR 7.87 (excl. goodwill amortization)
  • Commission income +73 % to EUR 8.8 bn; all time high
  • Trading profit up by 68 % to EUR 5.4 bn, despite difficult market conditions
  • Operating expenses of EUR 15.1 bn; on adjusted basis up only + 4 %; (Adjustments include first-time consolidations, exchange rate movements and performance related remunerations)


Continuing growth story of all Group Divisions:

  • RPB: Strategic repositioning of business paying off; profit before tax more than tripled
  • CORE: Continued emphasis on not capital-intensive products leads to strong increase in shareholder value creation + 86 %
  • GCI: Profit before tax + 68 %, validation of "bulge bracket" status in 3rd quarter
  • AM: Strong growth of Assets under Management, return on equity before tax of 97 % (excl. goodwill amortization) highest of all Group Divisions
  • GTS: Revenues more than doubled; mainly driven by the successful reengineering of the Business Unit Global Institutional Services

Telephone Conference Call

The telephone conference today with Dr. Clemens Börsig will be recorded and can be replayed on demand at any time beginning approximately at 5.00 p.m. until Friday, 3 November, 12 p.m. (CET).

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