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February 1, 2001

Deutsche Bank Group reports outstanding results for the financial year 2000

Net income more than doubled, dividend proposal of 1.30 EUR (+13%).
For the first time Deutsche Bank is releasing unaudited income statement figures based on final accounts only one month after the close of the financial year 2000.

Key financials for the year 2000:

  • Net income more than doubled year-on-year to EUR 4.9 bn
  • Earnings per share (excl. goodwill amortization) increased by 86% to EUR 9.02
  • Return on Equity before tax (excl. goodwill amortization) 32.4%
  • Cost/Income Ratio (excl. goodwill amortization) improved by 1.1% points to 73.3%
  • BIS core capital ratio 7.4% (+1.5% points vs. 1999)
  • Total assets EUR 967 bn (+15% vs. 1999)
  • Risk weighted assets stable at EUR 293 bn

Income Statement

in EUR million 2000 Change on
previous year
Net interest income 6,811 +3%
Provision for losses on loans and advances 438 -29%
Net commission income 11,468 +42%
Trading profit1 6,891 +52%
Net income from insurance business 382 -1%
Net income from investments 3,107 +55%
Operating expenses 21,037 +34%
Balance of other income / expenses -455 -68 %
Profit before taxes 6,729 +75%
Income taxes 1,780 +28%
Net income 4,949 +102%

1 In accordance with the resolution on Interpretation SIC-16 of the Standing Interpretations Committee, which took effect at the beginning of the 2000 financial year, no loss or gain is recognized in the Income Statement for trading in own shares (treasury shares). Pursuant to SIC-16, the respective results must be presented in the financial statements as a change in equity. The comparative figures have been adjusted accordingly.

All Divisions contributed to the outstanding results, with a particularly strong performance coming from GCI. The tax rate of 26 % (last year 36 %) benefitted, inter alia, from the tax free capital gain of the reduction of our Allianz holdings.

The growth of operating expenses in the 4th quarter was influenced by the enlargement of the group of consolidated companies, necessary adaptions of our reporting to US-GAAP, strategic expenses with investment character, e.g. e-Commerce projects, and special depreciation allowances for IT software. Adjusted for these items the operating expenses were below the level of 4Q1999. The cost/income ratio decreased by 1.1% points to 73.3%.

The proposal for an increase in the dividend reflects also the Board's confidence in the future development of Deutsche Bank based on the newly aligned structure, which will lead to sustained growth.

Segmental reporting 2000

in EUR million (change on previous year in %) Revenues Net income
before taxes
Retail and Private Banking 5,714 (+19%) 920 (+356%)
Corporates and Real Estate 3,450 (+13%) 1,054 (+20%)
Global Corporates and Institutions 14,651(+51%) 3,975 (+79%)
Asset Management 1,981 (+29%) 703 (+17%)
Global Technology and Services 1,539 (+67%) 169 k.A.
Total Group 28,659 (+33%) 6,729 (+75 %)

Deutsche Bank will publish its Consolidated Financial Statements for the financial year 2000 on 29 March 2001. We shall not be making further comment on these figures until then.

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