Dossier #12: Ready, steady, resilient

Resilience: the recipe for a strong economy

The crises of our time have made it clear how vulnerable our economy is. But there are strategies to increase resilience without sacrificing growth, as these examples demonstrate.

Entrepreneurial Success | Video Story

Nickel doesn’t grow back “Nickel doesn't grow back“

Recycling metal scrap is by definition a sustainable business model but recycling alone does not guarantee resilience, as Cronimet has learned.

Nickel doesn’t grow back Sustainability by recycling

Video: Scrap metal, an infinite resource – #EconomyStory

Entrepreneurial Success | Video Interview

Is the worst over? Is the worst over?

How resilient is our economy in the polycrisis? What have we learned? Deutsche Bank analyst Henry Allen explains how economies are reacting and whether the worst is over.

Is the worst over? Watch the Video

Entrepreneurial Success | Crisp & Short

What makes firms future ready? What makes firms future ready?

The ultimate goal for any company is to build resilience and overcome adversity, securing future prosperity. Here are some recipes for success.

What makes firms future ready? Seeking for resilience

Entrepreneurial Success | Story

Some things are a success, some are for the drawer “Some things are a success, some are for the drawer”

The machine manufacturer Mosca has made it to the top of its sector – resilience in the face of crises played an important role in this.

Some things are a success, some are for the drawer About Mosca’s way

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