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Digitalisation and Banking 4.0

The Digital Revolution is transforming every industry. Deutsche Bank understands the influence of a more digital world on its operating model and has embarked on a journey to becoming more technology-led. Our ambition is to be a leader in the area of digitalisation using the power of our data in order to understand customers better, make more informed decisions, further strengthen our control functions, and focus on our clients’ needs. This is a small snapshot of what we are doing:

10 facts about the Digital Factory

10 facts about the Digital Factory that you should know

  1. Everything under one roof: software developers, IT specialists and financial experts, as well as legal and compliance experts. They are developing, designing and programming new, intuitive applications and products for the customers of Deutsche Bank.
  2. Over 400 employees from 14 countries working in close collaboration.
  3. Start-up atmosphere meets Bank: Over 50 workstations in the Digital Factory are at the disposal of cooperation partners – start-ups and young technology companies mainly from the banking and insurance industries.
  4. Programming and design belong together in the Digital Factory.
  5. Flexibility instead of rigid rules: The Digital Factory has an agile approach to software development and uses Scrum.
  6. The first successful project was the “Deutsche Bank Mobile” app.
  7. Currently, the developers are testing new applications that use artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and automatic speech recognition.
  8. The Digital Factory and its employees are building on the foundations of our digital innovation labs in Berlin, London and Palo Alto.
  9. The Digital Factory and the innovation labs play an important role in enabling Deutsche Bank to evolve from a traditional bank to a technology company.
  10. First-class partnerships for the development and construction of a digital platform: Exclusive cooperation with Europe's leading start-up accelerator, Axel Springer Plug and Play, and launch of joint research projects with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

the open innovation platform for developing ideas together with start-ups.


Deutsche Bank is developing innovations in Frankfurt for the banking business and beyond traditional financial services – together with start-ups from all over the world.

How can we work in concert with other companies and thereby drive innovation within our own company?

How can we work with start-ups to jointly implement solutions that go beyond traditional banking services?

What does an open innovation platform look like and what does a start-up programme offer us?

With Fintech Europe, we have established a corresponding platform together with Plug and Play and TechQuartier in Frankfurt to implement this easily with strong partners.

How hackathons are changing the way we work

Deutsche Bank and Autistica develop autism app in 24 hour

Deutsche Bank and Autistica have developed the prototype for an app which will help young people with autism to understand and overcome their fears. More than 150 of Deutsche Bank's IT and design specialists from 7 locations across the world competed against each other in a programming competition (hackathon) to build a prototype for a smartphone app. Deutsche Bank will offer Autistica the competition's collective data and developments so that the organisation can win the sponsors needed to develop the prototype further.

"The prototype for this app is an example of how hackathons can change the way in which we work – how we build teams, tackle problems and use the skills of employees purposefully", remarked Kim Hammonds, member of the Management Board and Group Chief Operating Officer for the Bank.

more about #DBTechHackathon

Cash, electronic or online

Cash, electronic, online?

Germans are known as heavy cash users. As recent as 2017 they paid cash for most of their purchase transactions, 74% by number and 48% by value. However, there were an estimated 17 billion electronic payments that year and with a number of new mobile devices coming onto the market in 2018 this will likely change. How do German pay?

Innovation labs and catalysts

A faster pace of innovation with crowdstorming and lateral thinking:

Experience how Deutsche Bank has helped to shape #DigitalBanking here.

  • Innovation@db hackathons: exploiting cutting edge technologies globally

    “Getting ideas to production safely in a day“: that's why Thomas Chalmers is excited about his job. In the new episode of our innovation@db series, we look behind the scenes of a hackathon at Deutsche Bank.

  • NextGen Innovation Summit

    The four-day sustainability and technology-themed event in San Francisco introduced millennial clients to entrepreneurs, investors and academics from Silicon Valley and beyond.

  • Economy Views: AI, big data – and the future of democracy

    With the possibility to synchronize large amounts of data across many different platforms, the risks of targeted disinformation and manipulation increase. Democratic societies must develop a high degree of digital literacy to remain fit for the future …

  • Autobahn FX Mobile

    Presenting the next-generation customer experience of Autobahn FX - now on desktop and mobile.

  • Breaking down silos at the Deutsche Bank - Symphony hackathon

    14 teams comprising developers, domain experts and students put on their problem-solving hats and identified problems and designed solutions to break down silos using the Symphony platform at the Symphony Innovate 2019 hackathon in Singapore on May 30.

  • Economy Views: data-driven banking

    In this edition of the #EconomyViews video series, René Keller, Group Chief Data Officer and Group Head of Innovation for Deutsche Bank, talks about what kind of expertise is required to create great solutions for the clients.

  • Innovation@db: London's blockchain team

    “The client will win,” says Anja Bedford, who helps to develop and implement blockchain solutions at Deutsche Bank. In this edition of the innovation@db video series, she discusses the transformative power of cryptocurrencies.

  • Innovation@db: banking data potential in everyday life

    Bank data is a "mirror of our clients' everyday lives," says Joris Hensen, co-lead of Deutsche Bank's API Program. Thanks to a technical interface, this data can also be used for digital offers outside the bank.

  • Innovation@db: Dublin's data lab – "The Hive"

    In this edition of the Innovation@db series Bronagh Riordan from Deutsche Bank’s data lab in Dublin provides insights, why collaboration is key for delivering data driven insights for the bank’s clients.

  • Digital Unplugged: Focus on the Payments Landscape

    Until now major banks, credit card companies and financial giants have controlled the $100 trillion payments industry. All involved now need to re-assess the way they do business given evolving regulation or new technologies and fintechs …

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    The accelerating pace of technological change is the most creative, and almost destructive force in financial services. How can banks and FinTechs collaborate and co-innovate in the new digital economy?

  • Digital Unplugged: Focus on Regulation – Accelerator or Challenger?

    Regulators have become increasingly interested in financial technologies and their impact on banking. We explore the important role they play in both addressing the risks and driving innovation.

Fintech – digital (r)evolution in the financial sector

Fintech stands for Financial Technology. This umbrella term includes technologies associated with financial services: from everyday mobile or web-based payments, account management, loans and investment strategies to insurance policies and donations. Big Data, Robo Advice and Blockchain are just some of the things which will change the world of finance.

Deutsche Bank Research on Fintech: the digital (r)evolution in the financial sector

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