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Technology Transformation

Technology continues to disrupt and shape financial services. Processes are quicker, insights are sharper and new ideas are formed. At Deutsche Bank, we have focused on three major pillars as part of our technology strategy: Cloud, AI and Talent. The three factors are closely linked and underpinned by the vast amounts of data that flow through the bank every day.


Moving to the cloud is the foundation of the bank's technology strategy.

The aim is to move the majority of the bank's applications to the public cloud, where we can benefit from:

  • Scalability: Capability to scale elastically, delivering the right amount of IT resources when it is needed, at the right geographic location.
  • Reduced maintenance effort: Cloud providers manage all administrative tasks (e.g. patching of servers) and deliver an up-to-date, fully compliant environment including back-ups, replication, and disaster recovery.
  • Cost effectiveness: Flexible price structures – you pay for what you use.
  • Developer productivity: Public cloud provides pre-engineered, standardised services ready for consumption e.g. for compute, database and application hosting. Automation and self-service are built in by default.

Cloud technology provides us with scalable computing resources so we can train and run large language models. The big cloud providers also give users access to sophisticated AI models.

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Artificial Intelligence

Deutsche Bank understands the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to shape the future of financial services and create value for its clients. We expect that in future these technologies will become an integral part of nearly every aspect of our business, from internal processes to client facing interactions and capabilities.

We have been using AI solutions to automate manual processes and to improve customer advisory services. Examples include speeding up the highly manual process of checking and processing loan documents, using AI to optimise client portfolios in Wealth Management and to monitor transactions for suspected cases of financial crime.

Our journey to the cloud provides us with scalable computing resources required to run sophisticated AI models, as well as to experiment and work on the latest AI / Machine Learning technologies and tools.

We are exploring a number of use cases including generating software code, AI chatbots and enabling faster risk calculations.

Our commitment to Responsible AI

We are committed to leveraging the huge potential of AI in a responsible, secure and prudent manner. It is crucial to ensure that banking algorithms are fair, don’t include any hidden discrimination, and results are factually correct and explainable. Any AI solutions implemented in the bank have to meet our core requirements for data protection, anti-financial crime and cyber security.

‘Human in the loop’ is an integral part of the toolset of controls we use to minimize ‘Hallucination’ and ‘Omissions’.

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Digital skills will continue to be essential as organizations transform and integrate technologies like artificial intelligence. To keep pace, we are developing our in-house technology expertise by offering interesting career paths and learning opportunities.

Our Technology, Data & Innovation (TDI) function requires a balance of technical expertise, client-focus and collaboration across global teams. In particular, we are building highly skilled teams in Technology hubs across the world in key global centres such as Berlin and Cary. We are building key capabilities in partnership with major technology companies, for example cloud skills in collaboration with Google Cloud.

We also continue to support the careers of our Women in Technology via dedicated training initiatives, networking platforms and showcasing of employees that are making a difference in driving greater gender balance.

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