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A pop of colour

Through our Appreciating Art programme, the once blank walls in the main lobby of Deutsche Bank Group Manila are now regularly adorned with the work of local artists. The programme, initiated and solely driven by employees, is part of Plus You, the bank’s volunteering and giving initiative. Through Plus You, the bank encourages employees to not only volunteer their time, but also contribute to causes close to their hearts.

Since the programme started in 2012, it has gained increasing popularity among employees and we have featured more than two dozen of the country’s top artists, and helped launch multiple new talents onto Manila’s vibrant arts scene.

For the 100 artists featured so far across 23 exhibitions, the programme is the perfect canvas to showcase their work and promote art to a wider audience. For employees and visitors in the lobby, the walls start conversations. 

Bringing art to the community

Beyond the lobby, more than 400 street children have learnt how to express themselves through drawing and painting at Art Education sessions conducted by the artists as part of the Appreciating Art programme. By sharing their creative ideas and presenting their pieces to others, the sessions build confidence, provide an outlet for emotions and for some, ignite a passion that gives them direction.

Partnering with University of the Philippines - College of Fine Arts, Deutsche Bank also launched the Excellence in Art awards for third and final year art students, to encourage young talent and provide them a platform to showcase their unique ideas, through the competition’s theme of ‘Innovation’.

Vibrant scenes

Manila has one of the most vibrant art scenes in Southeast Asia and is a hub for promoting Philippine art. The Filipino art scene has has never been more vibrant than in the past several years. The local art communities have produced a steady stream of top artists that exhibit both locally and abroad, and whose works are sought after by major collectors. Contemporary art is big, and is displayed at an array of galleries and museums spread across the city. On the street, one of the most popular forms of public transport is by ‘Jeepney’; long colourful vehicles that have become moving symbols of the burgeoning art scene due to their distinctive design. 

The Appreciating Art programme features a wide range of contemporary art, in the style of Arturo Luz, Juvenal Sanso, Rodel Tapaya, Marina Cruz, Lydia Velasco, Michael Cacnio, Ernest Concepcion, Joel Ferraris, Richard Arimado, Dominic Rubio, Jovan Benito, Abdulmari Imao, Edu Perreras, Eduardo Perreras, Gromyko Semper, Buen Abrigo, Jim Orencio, to name a few.

Through the Appreciating Art programme, renowned artist Rodel Tapaya produced a commissioned work, making him the first Filipino artist with in the Deutsche Bank Collection. 

About Plus You


The commitment of our employees to helping others demonstrates the culture of performance and responsibility that we live by at Deutsche Bank. Through Plus You, we encourage our employees to volunteer with us and we help them contribute to causes close to their hearts. Our volunteering programmes share the many skills of our employees. Through giving, we add our support to the charities that matter to them.

About Deutsche Bank Art, Culture & Sports

Deutsche Bank’s Art, Culture & Sports division is a global unit that concentrates, cross-links and develops Deutsche Bank’s activities and strengthens the company’s cultural diversity. Through Art, Culture & Sports the bank can facilitate innovative, creative and entrepreneurial projects and programmes for Deutsche Bank clients and employees.

About Deutsche Bank Art Collection

Over three decades, Deutsche Bank has built an art collection that looks to the future and promotes new talent. Representing more than 5,000 artists from over 40 countries, the Deutsche Bank Collection is one of the world’s most important collections of contemporary artworks on paper and photography. The bank works together with museums, art fairs such as Frieze London and New York and other cultural institutions. The Deutsche Bank ‘Artist of the Year’ programme has helped provide a platform for artists such as Caline Aoun, Wangechi Mutu, Yto Barrada and Imran Qureshi. Deutsche Bank enables thousands of people every year to appreciate contemporary art and gain an insight into the international art scene.

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Last Update: January 20, 2021
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