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English Classes for Blind Children in Shelter Huynh De Nhu Nghia, Vietnam

September 2013 │ Vietnam

English classes for blind students, an on-going project for Deutsche Bank Ho Chi Minh City Branch, have resumed after a summer break. These classes are being taught by Deutsche Bank employees and a few alumni.

Founded in 1993, Mai Am Huynh De Nhu Nghia is a shelter for children between 5 to 18 years who are affected by blindness. Some of the children are also autistic. The children in the shelter live in the care and love of whole-hearted people whose mission is to provide them not only with necessities, but also good education and skills to live.

Due to arrival of new students of different ages, level of skills, language and academy background, the classes had to be re-organised into smaller groups. The re-organisation requires more volunteers and supplies, including books, training materials, compact-discs, all of which are required to be sourced to fit into the developmental needs. Timing of each group is also a challenge to the teachers, as the timing would have to meet both the teacher’s week-end time and students‘ time table, who have their plates full with activities and lessons, such as classes at day school, self – study time.

While the arrival of new students and more disadvantaged children to the shelter is saddening, the sadness is diminished with overlapping joy upon hearing the news that a few old students, who finished high school, have departed in pursuit of new paths.

With the start of a new school year, the children would need plenty of social support in their long journey.

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Last Update: December 3, 2013
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