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Hong Kong

‘Castles Can Fly’ brings families together

October 2013 │ Hong Kong

On September 29, 20 volunteers, including Deutsche Bank staff, their friends and family members, took 74 individuals from medium and low income families to Shek O Beach for a session of sand castle building. Titled ‘Castles Can Fly’, the project represented a unique way of using sandcastle building as a means to improve relationships between parents and teenagers in Hong Kong.

The families, which were selected by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG), were split into nine different groups, each making a unique sandcastle by taking creative inputs from the children under the guidance of the parents. The volunteers spent close to seven hours with the beneficiaries, helping the children in both the design phase and the actual building of the sandcastles.

Apart from being a fun day out for more than 100 participants, the project helped improve the beneficiaries’ communication, teamwork and time management skills. In addition, participants took home a valuable lesson: just like a majestic sandcastle needs sand, water and pressure, a happy family requires creativity from the children, guidance and appreciation from the parents and a collective pursuit of their dreams. That was summed up beautifully by one of the participants, who was at the beach for the first time in 20 years and opined that sandcastle building was the most meaningful activity she had undertaken with her children in a long time!

In essence, the volunteers didn't just build sandcastles, but truly managed to bring families closer.

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