Social Investments

For Deutsche Bank Asia, Corporate Responsibility (CR) is an integral part of our corporate culture, management decision-making and daily operations. In this regard, CR supports and enhances our brand by developing links to clients, the community and employees – both current and future. Our CR activities are based on the Bank’s principle of “Building Social Capital”.

To this end, social investment for Deutsche Bank Asia means engaging in a broad range of CR activities - initiated by the local senior management and supported by staff participation - in order to establish a long-standing and sustainable social platform. This includes building the capacity of non-governmental organizations working at the grassroots level and providing financial support for projects in disadvantaged communities that result in permanent assets, such as housing, schools and health centers.

Ultimately, the Bank aims to reach out to people and communities which it conducts business in and helping the underprivileged improve their livelihoods and achieve economic independence.

Take a moment to read the inspiring stories below about how Deutsche Bank staff in Asia have helped their local communities. These multi-faceted activities are examples of our commitment to "Social Investment".


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