Technology Careers at Deutsche Bank

At the heart of Deutsche Bank’s client franchise is the Corporate Bank, a market leader in risk management for FX and Rates, cash management, lending, trade finance, trust and agency services as well as securities services. Focusing on the treasurers and finance departments of corporate and commercial clients and financial institutions across the globe, our universal expertise and global network allows us to offer truly integrated and effective solutions.

Alongside the Corporate Bank sits our Investment Bank - combining Fixed Income & Currencies, Corporate Finance, as well as Deutsche Bank Research. It focuses on our traditional strengths in financing, advisory, fixed income and currencies. It provides strategic advice to corporate clients and includes a focused equity capital markets business, an equity and macro research capacity as well as a targeted equity sales force.

Each day, across these businesses, our systems and infrastructure are facilitate trillions of Euros of payments, increasing automation of important business processes, and the fulfilment of an enormous Regulatory Reporting and Controls agenda.

Our success has always been enabled by technology, but increasingly our future is dependent on the Engineers and Developers we are entrusting to build the bank’s platform for many years to come.


The plan

The Technology team is responsible for orchestrating the evolution of client-centric digital solutions across our business. Our award-winning applications such as DB Palace and Autobahn set the benchmark for the industry. But this is only the foundation. We continue to invest and build a team of visionary tech talent that will ensure that we thrive in this period of unprecedented change for the industry.

Our strategy is clear; engineer a simpler, digital bank. We are creating an architecture, operating model and organisation that puts us in a position to lead the industry for years to come. By evolving our platform and interaction model we will service needs of increasingly data-driven clients, helping them to manage their risks and grow their businesses. We need to think strategically, act decisively and be agile in everything we do. That means hiring the right people and giving them the training, freedom and opportunity they need to do pioneering work.


The people

We’re looking for potential leaders ready to build the future of banking. Expertise and drive are essential, but what we are really looking for is the passion and vision to transform finance and lead one of the most exciting industries in the world. We will provide comprehensive, continuous training but you will need to bring new ideas and fresh perspective. You will need to be collaborative but unafraid to challenge the status quo and alongside an exceptional understanding of your area, you will need the commercial mind that turns ideas into impact. In return, you will join us at the most exciting time in recent history. It’s your chance to build something that has the potential to transform an industry affecting billions of lives.

Gain some personal Insights

  • Shishir
    “We all have one thing in common – the flexibility to implement new solutions.”

    About Shishir

    Originally from India, Shishir worked in London for several years and was involved in projects at Apple and fintechs as an external consultant. During this time he became increasingly interested in the link between banking and economics on the one hand and technology on the other. He worked for one of the bank’s external service providers while still in London before joining the bank permanently and moving to Germany. He successfully completed the multi-stage application process and has spent the last three months working on the corporate bank’s Transaction Surveillance team in Eschborn.

    Why did you decide to join Deutsche Bank?

    The first thing that struck me was the openness of the staff. I’ve got a real passion for technology, and the fact that the bank employs around 20,000 people in this field worldwide shows just how seriously they take it. Of course, this is especially true of corporate banking as it involves organizing and processing global transactions securely as well as handling large amounts of money. We’re responsible for complex economic processes, and I like that. It's totally different to my previous job, which was mostly about selling. Here at the bank it's all about clean, methodical processes and sustainability.

    What about the teamwork?

    I’m on a very international team. Although there are only ten of us in the Surveillance team in Eschborn, we’re connected to the whole world. I expected the bank to be an extremely formal environment, but everything has been very relaxed from the start. Everybody can dress however they like, for example, although I personally prefer to dress a little more formally for work. The thing that stands out for me, though, is how enthusiastically the specialist teams work together to find the best solutions. We all have one thing in common – the flexibility to implement new solutions.

    What is your role within the team?

    We’re primarily responsible for monitoring transactions and refining the corresponding systems and programs. As a software architect, I develop concepts for the relevant software.

    How do you rate your prospects at the bank?

    Because banks are really driving technological development, I’ve got the opportunity to help shape something myself while at the same time continuing to develop personally and professionally. There’s never a dull moment here and the whole thing is a two-way street – the bank is growing and I’m growing with it.

    What is important in this job? What qualities do you need to have?

    Of course, it’s vital to have a tech background and a passion for innovative projects, but it’s also helpful to have banking knowledge or at least an understanding of the sector, as so many factors and imponderables have to be taken into account during development. Having said that, I think openness, enthusiasm and team spirit are just as important.

    And what do you do in your free time?

    Almost all of my friends now live in Europe, particularly London and Germany. I live in Frankfurt with my wife and my little four-year-old daughter. Every evening she comes home from her kindergarten and, well, I come home from mine, and we tell each other what we did that day. My family means a lot to me. But I'm also a tech freak in my private life and I'm on different open source platforms. I really am a techie through and through!

  • Erin
    “Digitalisation is opening up so many opportunities, and the bank is working hard to make these innovative ideas a reality. ”

    About Erin

    Erin graduated with a masters’ degree in education before her interest in economic processes and the financial market inspired her to study banking. After working for a major international bank for several years and spending 3 1/2 years at Deutsche Bank in London, she joined the corporate bank's Technology team in Frankfurt as a Lead Salesforce Engineer six months ago.

    Although you don't have an explicit tech background, you now work in technology. How does this work?

    Although I really come from a different field, I’ve always been interested in modern technology and economics. The place where these two meet is becoming increasingly important, as you need to fully understand requirements and processes to find the right digital solutions. This line of work needs “translators”. Technological understanding is just as important here as communication skills and the ability to think abstractly. Today, having worked in the Technology area for several years, I suppose I’ve long since become a specialist and my background has helped me in this. In London, I started out in the Data Visualisation team. Deutsche Bank has at its disposal a huge pool of data capable of creating tremendous value for the future. It is vital that everyone who works with this data can access and use relevant information quickly and easily. In the Data Visualisation team, we structured the data and prepared it as dashboards and widgets. I really enjoyed that job.

    What prompted you to move to Frankfurt?

    Deutsche Bank is a very large company where things are constantly changing. This also means that new opportunities are always opening up. When I mentioned wanting to move to Germany, I wasn’t even sure if there would be a position for me. A short time later my manager came back with an offer to set up a local development team here in Frankfurt – and I’m excited to be taking on this new challenge.

    What exactly is your role here?

    We are currently optimising our Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and are reviewing all customer-related processes. My job is to ensure that staff who are in direct contact with clients have constant access to all the information they need to advise and support their clients as effectively as possible. This is another kind of “translation work”, combined with a great deal of communication and organisation, as I’m constantly in touch with our colleagues in sales. Although I don't personally have any direct contact with clients, I am their local back office. While this is currently still a one-woman show, part of my role here is to put together a strong team.

    What do you like about your working environment and your new job?

    I appreciate the diversity and scale of our bank. Everything here is one size bigger than anywhere else, and preparing data and information is vital to the success of the business. While the work involves plenty of detail, it also requires you to consider the bigger picture of processes and their interconnections at all times. I also love being able to work with so many other teams, as this means I’m always learning something new. For example, I interact with the sales teams in Global Transaction Banking, Corporate Finance and Trading. I enjoy my job as it allows me to make a real difference.

    What, in your view, makes the bank's Technology division so exciting?

    Firstly, there is a lot going on here right now. Digitalisation is opening up so many opportunities, and the bank is working hard to make these innovative ideas a reality. While products and services make up one part of this work, process automation and optimisation is another major issue that affects all areas of the bank. There are plenty of opportunities and all kinds of ways to specialise in something.

    With so much change going on, do you get any spare time?

    Deutsche Bank believes it is vital for its employees to have a good work-life balance. This really is a major benefit for everyone who works here, as it not only relates to working hours in general but also provides a various range of benefits. Personally, I’m really enjoying being here in Frankfurt right now. I know London very well after so many years, and now I have another big, interesting city to discover.

  • Arun
    “We’re always swapping ideas and learning something new from each other. ”

    About Arun

    Arun was born and raised in India, where he also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Before joining Deutsche Bank, he gained his first taste of the financial world by working on projects for Credit Card Company. In this interview he talks about how he ended up at the bank and his experiences within the corporate bank.

    What brought you to Deutsche Bank?

    I’d already come into contact with the bank after working externally on several of its projects. There was a real spirit of teamwork during that collaboration and the work was fun, so I thought, “Why not take it a step further?” I applied, and now I’m a software developer for the corporate bank.

    What were your first experiences back then?

    Working at the bank completely confirmed the initial impression I got of the place as an outsider. The atmosphere within the team is fantastic. Everyone helps everyone else, and you’re constantly experiencing and learning new things.

    What’s the best thing about your job?

    That’s an easy one. Everything my colleagues and I do has a direct impact on real people and on society. For example, I worked on the bank's Instant Payment app and now when I see someone in a store paying with it, I realize each time that I'm helping to make everyday life easier for other people. I have a job that I really like and one where I can make a difference.

    What’s your work environment like?

    We’re a really international team with a great mix of people, from apprentices and trainees through to older, more experienced colleagues. That blend works very well. We’re always swapping ideas and learning something new from each other. I love the fact that we support each other and share the same goals.

    What’s important in this job? What qualities do you need to have?

    Being enthusiastic about anything tech-related is probably the most important thing, but of course you also need to enjoy making a difference and taking responsibility. Although it’s certainly helpful to have a specific tech background, it isn’t essential. There are also plenty of opportunities for career changers, whether they’re tech-savvy people on the banking side or techies with an interest in finance.

    You’ve been living in Frankfurt for some time now – are you enjoying it here?

    I like Frankfurt. It’s a very lively, cosmopolitan city with so much to do. The only thing I’d change is the weather!

    Finally, what do you do in your free time?

    To be honest, tech’s also a big part of my personal life, but my really big project right now is mastering German. I've already finished an A-level course and I’m now pushing on even further!

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Engineering a simpler, digital bank

To achieve our vision, we follow four simple principles.


From idea to production as quickly as possible - thinking and delivering simultaneously


Aligning our efforts to business objectives and using resources effectively in both the short and long term.


We’re not interested in following the pack. We challenge ordinary thinking and pioneer new approaches and new ideas.


Continuously learning and sharpening our expertise to remain at the cutting-edge.


From idea to production as quickly as possible - thinking and delivering simultaneously


Aligning our efforts to business objectives and using resources effectively in both the short and long term.


We’re not interested in following the pack. We challenge ordinary thinking and pioneer new approaches and new ideas.


Continuously learning and sharpening our expertise to remain at the cutting-edge.

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