Davos 2019 is all about the fourth industrial revolution. This will be shaped by advanced technologies from the physical, digital and biological worlds that combine to create innovations at a speed and scale unparalleled in human history. In addition, collectively, these transformations are changing how individuals, governments and companies relate to each other and the world at large. In short, we are approaching the next phase of global cooperation.

Deutsche Bank is addressing these socio-political issues and is hosting its own programme this year in Davos. We have invited internationally renowned experts to speak on the topics of digitalization, geostrategy, climate change and the future of work.

“Now the course is set for growth in five, ten, twenty years. And this growth will not only be the basis for our prosperity, but also for democracy and freedom. And as Deutsche Bank, we want to play our part in this.”

Christian Sewing, Chief Executive Officer

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