Focus Topics

Talking Point

  • Robo advice - when machines manage your assets (Fintech #8)
  • Start-ups inspire markets with digital technologies (Fintech #7)
  • Are you already experimenting with blockchain? (Fintech #6)
  • Allow me to present the employee of the month: our esteemed colleague algorithm (Fintech #5)
  • The digital credo of traditional banks: Data protection & data security (Fintech #4)
  • Operation Big Data: Challenge accepted (Fintech #3)
  • Blockchain – attack is probably the best form of defence (Fintech #2)
  • Operation “Digital transformation of the financial sector” (Fintech #1)

FinTechs: New players in the financial landscape

New start-ups in the FinTech sector are very agile and somtimes very agressive.

Economy Views: Blockchain transforming financial services

Within the digital conversation, one topic has dominated the headlines this year – Blockchain. Edward Budd talks about the impact and the benefits

Deutsche Bank Appathon 2015

“I think people are eager to tackle the future.”

The enthusiasm to create tomorrow’s service features in an innovative environment releases creative potential. Lateral thinking is welcome!