European Market Infrastructure Regulation

Transaction Reporting

EMIR Transaction Reporting: Background

Under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), 12 February 2014 is the compliance start date for transaction reporting to a trade repository.

EMIR requires Financial Counterparties (FCs) and Non-Financial Counterparties (both NFC+ and NFC-) to report details of executed derivative contracts (including the details of any modification or termination of such contract) to a registered trade repository.

This obligation extends to Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD) and OTC derivative trades. The reporting obligation applies to counterparties established in the European Union (EU). Non-EU entities and non- EU subsidiaries are not subject to the reporting obligation.


Deutsche Bank EMIR Transaction Reporting Service

Deutsche Bank is offering a reporting service to the Depository Trust and Clearing Company (DTCC) Trade Repository to help our clients comply with their reporting obligations under EMIR.

For more information, email Deutsche Bank at


Deutsche Bank EMIR Transaction Reporting Service Agreement: Amendments to Schedules

Schedule of Excluded Contracts and Information
Each of Schedule 3 of the "Agreement for the Provision of Transaction Reporting Services" and Schedule 3 of the "EMIR Delegation Reporting Agreement" shall be replaced by the following:

Schedule of Excluded Contracts and Information

DB Entities in relation to which Client may have entered into derivative contracts and have reporting obligations

Schedule of Reporting Delegate Entities in relation to which Client may have entered into Derivative Contracts and have Reporting Obligations


Legal Entities

All counterparties subject to the EMIR transaction reporting obligation will need to register for an LEI for each separate legal entity in its group that engages in EMIR-reportable transactions for an LEI.

A LEI is a number that corresponds to a legal entity (excluding natural persons). The intent of the LEI is to uniquely identify a legal entity on a worldwide basis — no two legal entities anywhere in the world will have the same LEI, and for any legal entity there is only one LEI to identify it.

Deutsche Bank’s EU Legal Entities and Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs) are listed below:

Registered Name  LEI
Deutsche Bank AG 7LTWFZYICNSX8D621K86
DB Energy Commodities Limited 529900K20SVPQAET9D16
Deutsche Bank Luxembourg S.A. 529900FIAMEJDQ8C9097
Deutsche Bank Polska Spólka Akcyjna 529900CFOWM2V62I4634
Deutsche Bank Privat- und Geschäftskunden Aktiengesellschaft 52990057YMC0SJRNDC67
Deutsche Bank Società per Azioni 529900SS7ZWCX82U3W60
Deutsche Bank, Sociedad Anónima Española 529900SICIK5OVMVY186
Deutsche Holdings No. 3 Limited 529900SVE09UXRXL5B58
DB Covered Bond S.r.l.  529900Y3O6X652Z2AN33
Deutsche Bank Nederland N.V. 529900K911JOYFNMOV10

For more information, email Deutsche Bank at  


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