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Closing the digital gap – arts and cultural organizations as centers of technological creativity and education

Digital technologies offer a route for cultural institutions to maintain their relevance in our increasingly networked world. Deutsche Bank assists these organizations with grants and other forms of support, helping to close the digital gap.

Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives, both privately and professionally. To keep pace with these developments, individuals need access to these new technologies. But that’s a problem for many.

As mainstream communities become more connected, underserved populations risk being left in behind the digital revolution. Deutsche Bank supports the cultural sector to be a powerful avenue for low- and moderate-income communities to engage with rapid technological changes in society.

In 2002, Deutsche Bank launched the Arts & Enterprise program to support cultural organizations in New York City. The program uses the arts to drive neighborhood revitalization and economic development.

Our focus today is on technology, with the aim of growing arts and culture organizations into dynamic centers of technological creativity, innovation and education. Following an initial request for proposals in 2011, we have made grants to 14 place-based projects that use emerging technologies such as mobile applications, creative software and tablet computers.

The Bronx Museum of the Arts, for instance, is creating a technology hub for visitors as well as a technology-led outreach program for local middle schools. The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in Harlem is developing the “Digital Curator” educational project that lets students try out being curators and involves them in ongoing digitization of the museum’s collection.

The goal is for individuals to experience the use of digital technology as a tool for creativity and exploration to improve their learning and job skills.

Deutsche Bank, which is at the forefront of integrating emerging technologies into its own business, also shares its expertise with cultural institutions, showing them how they benefit from innovation in this area.


The “Digital Curator” project at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in Harlem

Wir fördern Kulturorganisationen bei denen neue Technologien zum Einsatz kommen

“The rise of new technologies is an opportunity for cultural institutions to engage audiences and address pressing social issues like digital disenfranchisement.”

Alessandra DiGiusto Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation

Deutsche Bank Collection goes App

How does the global art scene present itself at Deutsche Bank? Four free apps provide fascinating insight into the world of corporate collecting. The apps are part of a steadily growing service introducing the collection’s global locations in Frankfurt, London, and Hong Kong as well as masterpieces from the corporate collection in Frankfurt’s Städel Museum. Each app functions as a digital guide, service point, and reference work in one. Users can navigate on their own through the various different presentations, playfully browse the collections, or search specific artists, works, and themes. All apps include a share function for social networks to share the artworks with friends.

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Promoting contemporary artists

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