December 22, 2014

Born to Be – Empowering the disadvantaged

Educational opportunities are not always distributed equally. Some groups are at a disadvantage compared with others, often as a result of background or status.


Born to Be supports young people who may lack the confidence and means to pursue their education because of their backgrounds and enables them to reach their full potential.

In Germany, START and COMPASS OF STUDIES of Deutsche Bank Foundation provide a pathway to university. START supports students from immigrant families with scholarships and mentoring. COMPASS OF STUDIES helps young people from non-academic environments make the step from high school to higher education. It bridges students’ final years of high school and first year of university, giving constant support through the transition.

As well as grassroots interventions, Born to Be uses advocacy and thought leadership to improve conditions for young people. In the UK, a partnership with the think tank “Centre for Social Justice (CSJ)” aims to increase social mobility for young people from low-income backgrounds. Educational inequality is the issue. Underachievement at school perpetuates disadvantage. The bank has sponsored research into the causes of educational underachievement that was thus published in September 2014. The recommendations will help to shape future education and social policy in the UK.

New thinking about education systems is also on the agenda in the US. On December 10, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation held its second Thought Leaders Forum in New York. It brings together leading academics and opinion leaders to explore how education strategies can respond to an increasingly diverse community. During the forum, the Bank’s 2015 partnership with Strive for College was announced. Through Strive, Deutsche Bank will help qualified high-school students from low-income backgrounds across the US to apply to, enter and afford their best-fit college. The event marked the launch of Born to Be in the US.

Learn more about how Born to Be initatives help young people pursue their aspirations or open up new perspectives.




of participants in the COMPASS OF STUDIES programme and 95% of START scholarship students go on to higher education.

“START has strengthened my trust in myself and shown me what I can achieve”

Anna Edamus START participant


two out of every five

UK school leavers do not achieve the minimum qualifications employers expect.

“Everybody should have the chance to succeed, no matter where they are born geographically, which family they are born into, or which school they go to”

Lee Davis Centre for Social Justice

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