Economics and finance live in school!

Whether it is a bank account, investments or loans, managing money needs to be learned – the earlier, the better. To help young people learn how to handle money responsibly, Deutsche Bank offers practical economic and financial information directly to schools through its Financial Literacy initiative and employee engagement.


As voluntary instructors employees take part in the Financial Literacy initiative.

In addition to information about types of investments and retirement funds, our employees give young students a deeper insight into the global financial system and the causes of the most recent crisis. The dialog between the instructors and students is always in the foreground.

All participants are equally convinced of the idea behind the project. “With the initiative, we aim to hone students’ skills in handling money and actively contribute to their early understanding of basic economic issues,” says Rainer Neske, a member of the Deutsche Bank Board of Management and one of the initiative’s first instructors, referring to the social commitment. “We need to involve enterprises so that schools have contact to the working world,” asserts a high school teacher, pointing to the urgent need for cooperation between the business sector and educational institutions.

Financial Literacy in Poland

Another campaign to promote financial competence and responsibility has been available in Poland since 2012. It aims to create an awareness for individual retirement arrangements. Under the motto “Take care of your future pension today,” the campaign offers specific information about private pensions. It was prompted by a nationwide survey that revealed huge uncertainty about private retirement provisions.

“I think it is very helpful to have experts support educators in handling financial issues in their course work.”

Frank Holtz School Administrator at the Rurtal High School in Düren

“For school students, the Financial Literacy initiative is very insightful and relevant for their lives. Teachers can easily integrate the program into their curriculum.”

Dr. Jörg Friedrich Managing Director of the Regional Association School-Business Hessen

“Money plays an important role in life, so everyone should understand how to deal with it.”

Niloufar Student at the Goethe High School in Frankfurt

“I’m convinced of the Deutsche Bank concept because it focuses on the students and their needs.”

Leo Well Teacher at the An der Fleuth Secondary School in Geldern

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