November 10, 2014

A Culture of Inclusion: Global Diversity Week at Deutsche Bank

2014 represents the 15th anniversary of the diversity being a fundamental part of Deutsche Bank’s global corporate strategy. For Deutsche Bank, diversity is a business imperative and we are proud of the fact that our 98.000 employees are in more than 70 countries and from more than 130 nations.

Diversity for us goes far beyond Gender, Generation, Cultural Background, Sexual Orientation or Disability – it also includes the open and respectful business culture that recognises and appreciates the diversity of perspectives, experiences, opinions and educational backgrounds.

Since 2013, the strategy is extended to the important aspect of inclusion:

  • Diversity is the collective mixture of differences and similarities that includes, for example, individual and organisational characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, preferences and behaviours.
  • Inclusion is the achievement of a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources and can contribute fully to the organisation’s success.

Global Diversity Week 2014

From November 10-14 Deutsche Bank celebrated the fourth Global Diversity Week, which has become a central platform to create awareness around Diversity and Inclusion as well as foster dialogue and discussions in this respect. The theme of this year’s diversity week was creating “A Culture of Inclusion”. More than 200 events in 35 countries took place – from employees for employees.

Diversity deeply anchored in Deutsche Bank’s global corporate strategy

Diversity is a fundamental part of our values and beliefs:

  • Integrity: To actively live Diversity and Inclusion, it is a must to pro-actively challenge and manage unconscious biases to allow for a respectful and open work environment and ensure that everyone can make maximum use of its talents and competencies.
  • Client Centricity: Diversity and inclusion allows us to successfully serve the needs of our diverse customer base and drive value for our shareholders
  • Innovation: An open work environment that respects and acknowledges a variety of different perspectives, educational backgrounds, cultural experience or even different languages is the framework in which creativity and new ideas grow.
  • Partnership: a respectful and open work environment is key to the success of a diverse team – this includes the behaviour amongst team members as well as the manager’s skills to lead such a diverse group.
  • Sustainable Performance: decisions taken on the basis of a variety of perspectives and opinions have the potential to be more fact-based and less risky – a key condition for sustainability.
  • Discipline: Resources available – especially our human resources, our people and their time dedicated to their job – need to be treated respectfully and consciously to allow them to perform at their best.
A Culture of Inclusion: Global Diversity Week at Deutsche Bank

Diversity in figures


increase in the number of female Management Directors since 2007

Recognition for the commitment to gender diversity

Deutsche Bank has been selected for the PAX Ellevate Global Women’s Index Fund, the first broadly diversified mutual fund that invests in the world’s highest-rated companies in advancing women’s leadership. In particular, the Bank was recognised for its commitment to gender diversity on its board of directors and in executive management.

Workplace flexibility

The US Working Mother magazine again highlighted Deutsche Bank on its annual list of “100 Best Companies” for women in September. Winners are recognized for offering the best workplace flexibility for both men and women.

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