March 16, 2015 | London

Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank

In March 2015, nearly 20,000 young people from London and now also Birmingham have the opportunity to see a performance of Othello live on stage. The modern interpretation of this classical piece has been brought to life through a cooperation of Deutsche Bank and Globe Education. For many of the teenagers, the production is their first experience with live theatre.

Othello is one of Shakespeare´s most popular plays, but sometimes hard to understand for today´s youngsters. The Globe Education productions guide 11 to 18 year-old students actively through the works of Shakespeare. They especially emphasise the contemporary relevance of themes – in Othello´s case, the danger of listening to rumours. This is likely to resonate well with a generation growing up using social media. The modern interpretation thus offers a great entry to the world of Shakespeare as well as to theatrical productions in general.

Deutsche Bank and Globe Education have already closely cooperated for the last nine years. This year, the program will enable more than 18,000 students from 222 state schools in London and Birmingham to attend for free. As part of the project, more than 200 teachers are also given training on teaching Shakespeare creatively and engaging students with the nation´s greatest playwright.

Playing Shakespeare is building bridges between people

Shakespeare can feel inaccessible to young people unfamiliar with his language and historical context. This is especially true for students whose first language is not English. In London, this group makes up more than 50% of students at inner city schools. Mastering Shakespeare´s pieces though is key to the national curriculum.

Globe Education's bold productions have been praised for their edgy interpretation, appealing especially to teenagers. A survey of participating students speaks for itself: 82% say that seeing a Shakespeare performance improved their understanding of the text and nine out of ten pupils said they wanted "more Shakespeare".

Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank is part of the Bank's youth engagement program, Born to Be, which aims to inspire young people to fulfill their potential; to awaken and realise ambitions, encourage lifelong passions, provide experiences otherwise unavailable to many young people, and to help them avoid the risk of exclusion and dropping out of education.

“At Deutsche Bank, we believe that culture can ignite young people’s passion to learn and spur them on to exceptional achievements,” says Colin Grassie, Deutsche Bank UK, Chief Executive Officer.

“Seeing Shakespeare in performance can be a turning point for students who grapple with the complexity of language.”

Lareena Hilton Deutsche Bank, Global Head of Brand Communications & Corporate Citizenship

Helping to master Shakespeare


of participants say that seeing a Shakespeare performance improved their understanding of the text

Having a far reach

117,000 free tickets

to students since 2007.

A 360-degree learning experience opens new perspectives

A 360-degree learning experience opens new perspectives
A lively accompanying interactive website creates a 360-degree learning experience and provides an in-depth learning resource for students with a special section with creative activities and teaching ideas for educators.

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