Team challenges – everyone can make a difference

Around the world, our employees tackle tasks in their local communities, offering direct and individual support to nonprofit institutions and social organizations. Not only financial resources but also helping hands are often needed to make a difference together.

Employee engagement: Plus you – learn how bank employees help society with practical hands-on support

Planting trees for better drinking water

Planting trees for better drinking water – Deutsche Bank employees create new woodlands

Out of suits and business dress and into working clothes and rubber boots: More than 3,400 Deutsche Bank employees are committed to active protection of woodlands. To date, they have planted 44,000 new trees, thus creating healthy mixed deciduous forests that supply more drinking water – 12 million liters a year.

40 Deutsche Bank-Mitarbeiter für Kinder in Frankfurt

A place to play, swing and seesaw – 40 Deutschbankers support children in Frankfurt

Marissa Horvatin, Thomas Koch and their colleagues dig holes, saw and sand wood and hammer away. The bankers can be proud of their achievement, a playground kids love at the end of a hard day’s work. As a partner of the campaign, the Frankfurter Kinderbüro knows what sets children’s hearts racing.

For years, the bank has supported participation in non-profit projects as part of its Team Challenge programme, which is possible through paid leave. This strengthens not only team spirit by bringing entire departments together to work hand in hand.

There are many possibilities to make an impact together. Whether it is renovating local community facilities, mentoring, empowerment of the disenfranchised or assistance for refugees and victims of natural disasters: Bank employees offer effective support.

In many cities and communities in Germany, Deutsche Bank employees help refugees to find their feet. Through local Team Challenges, volunteers prepare temporary accommodation, organize meet-a-friend festivals, cooking and sporting events, assist with bureaucratic formalities, and arrange leisure activities, or collect clothing, toys, and other goods.

In 2015 around 850 projects with social impact were brought to life by 11,113 employees. And over the next 3 years, 1,000 Deutschbanker in Germany will make themselves available as integration coaches for refugees.


December 23, 2016
Reaching out to our communities

“Everyone was thankful for our engagement, which they didn’t expect from a bank.”

Martina Lindner Team Challenge in Lübeck: designing a school playground

Team Challenges: See how Deutschbankers engage as a team worldwide

Deutsche Bank Social Day in Frankfurt

Frankfurt: Deutsche Bank employees have planted 1,600 trees in cooperation with the environmental group Trinkwasserwald e.V.

Deutsche Bank employees in Tokyo help in a soup kitchen

Tokyo: Employees help the needy in a Second Harvest soup kitchen

Deutsche Bank employees after the destruction from Hurricane Sandy

New York: Deutsche Bank employees lend a hand after the destruction from Hurricane Sandy

Social Day in Kiel

Kiel: Deutschbankers build an earth xylophone to create a sound experience for children and young people

“You simply have to think in all categories.”

Jochen Rempel Team Challenge in Frankfurt am Main: winter meals in the Katharinen Church

“Deutsche Bank’s image in our city district has gained a new profile.”

Christian Balo Team Challenge in Essen: “Our Social Year” – participation in the “Kinderarche” program in Burgaltendorf

“One bank, one team – that idea clearly drove this project.”

Ute Pleitgen Team Challenge in Munich: one day for Munich

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