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Graduierungsfeier am House of Finance

Graduation celebration at the House of Finance

At the headquarter of the European Central Bank and one of the most important financial center of the world, the Deutsche Bank Donation Fund has supported Goethe University Frankfurt am Main for years. The support is meanwhile focused largely on the House of Finance (HoF), which opened on the west end of the Goethe University’s campus in the spring of 2008. The House of Finance unites three university departments – finance, monetary and legal corporate finance – as well as several research and training units specialized in finance. It is establishing itself as a leading educational institution in Germany, particularly for executives in the financial sector, and is further strengthening its position as a source of advice and inspiration for German and European policymakers, regulators and the financial industry.

Research freedom and independence is guaranteed through the Foundation Code of the House of Finance Foundation.

House of Finance

  • around 200 researchers
  • including 30 professors
  • more than 200 PhD students
  • international student body
  • more than 200 students in career develop programs such as MBA and LL.M

Enabling new professorships

In 2010, Deutsche Bank created a chair for innovation management and entrepreneurship at the renowned private Leipzig School of Management (Handelshochschule Leipzig – HHL).

In 2010, Deutsche Bank also agreed to a five-year grant for the “Deutsche Bank Chair of Finance” at the Luxembourg School of Finance, which offers training and career development programs in finance and supports banking and financial research projects. In December 2012, the school attracted the prominent US professor Rajnish Mehra to research the affects of demographics on pension systems, social security and asset prices.

“The House of Finance Foundation creates, among other things, the basis for top appointments, which the House of Finance can use to enhance its profile in the competitive world of international research.”

Prof. Dr. Werner Müller-Esterl President of Goethe University

Deutsche Bank Donation Fund

Established: 1970
Commitments 2013: € 4.3 m.
The Deutsche Bank Donation Fund is a fiduciary foundation operating in the Donors’ Association for German Science (Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V.). The fund provides financial resources to promote scientific research and teaching at both the national and international level. Its primary focus is to identify the dialog between the worlds of science and business.

“I am looking forward to building something special here. Luxembourg, with its judicial and political stability and status within the EU, provides a unique environment as a center for financial intermediation and innovation. The Luxembourg School Finance and the financial sector are ideally positioned to exploit this synergy and produce innovative research.”

Professor Rajnish Mehra Deutsche Bank Chair of Finance

“We are very happy to welcome such a prominent academic in finance. Professor Mehra’s presence will stimulate our research activity and increase our international visibility.”

Professor Christian Wolff Director of the Luxembourg School of Finance

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