Talent retention and development

The business environment we currently face is beset with challenges and constant change. In this context, our people are the guarantors of our success. That is why we provide very specific development and training opportunities. We want our staff to better themselves in both their private and professional lives – regardless of their function in the bank and how long they have been with us. This is how we ensure that our clients have long-term access to our experts’ key skills and latest knowledge.

Working at Deutsche Bank

Recruiting staff in the ‘Battle for Talent’

Because of demographic change, we are increasingly faced with competition for the best talent. If we want to continue attracting qualified and committed employees in the future, we have to ensure that they see us as an attractive employer.

Employee development starts with understanding

Recognizing the needs of our people is important for achieving productive support measures. We conduct a global survey every year to identify employee concerns and determine what priorities we should set. The core section of the survey focuses on the themes of employee loyalty, further training and diversity.

participants of the vocational training

In August 2013, 360 young people simultaneously commenced their vocational training at Deutsche Bank in Germany in conjunction with the kick-off week.

High commitment of employees

91 %

of responding employees say they go above and beyond what is normally expected in their jobs.

Human Resources Report 2014

Diversity is critical to long-term success
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Impact of cultural change: The new principles of performance evaluation

In 2012, Deutsche Bank introduced a new approach to performance evaluation to support a culture of responsibility. It is based on our ‘High Performance’ principles, which were agreed upon in consultation with our staff. They sum up what we expect of our people in the following three performance categories:

  • Delivering business and financial results
  • Building the Deutsche Bank franchise
  • Engaging people

We expect our people to deliver their performance objectives in a way that ensures sustainable success aligned with the Bank’s values. Our performance standards establish criteria for measuring employee performance and ensure that the process is clear and consistent.

Adherence to the values and beliefs now accounts for 50 % of individual performance ratings, and is a determining factor in promotion decisions. Alongside this, additional elements of compensation have been aligned to encourage, reward and support the right behaviors as well as sanction wrong behaviors.


Schulungen und Weiterbildungsmaßnahmen

Staying fit

Our “Staying Fit for the Job” program is one example of how we support our staff in preserving and enhancing their employability. It is available to all employees free of charge. It offers tools for analyzing and expanding skills and experience, and supports employee development by helping people to achieve their individual objectives.

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