SOS Children’s Villages and Save the Children – new perspectives for children

Two Deutsche Bank partnerships – with one goal: to ensure the basic needs of disadvantaged children and give them perspectives.

SOS Children’s Villages

In Germany, Deutsche Bank supports the Future for Children initiative within SOS Children’s Villages. This initiative helps children who cannot live with their parents for whatever reason find a permanent home and a caring family in the SOS Children’s Villages.

A special building loan agreement

For the Future for Children initiative, Deutsche Bank Bauspar AG initially provided a special building loan with a start-up capital of 200,000 euros. Over the years, this capital has been continuously supplemented by donations from the bank, its clients and employees, growing to more than 1 million euros today. The financial support allows SOS Children’s Villages to realize projects in a timely manner.

Sponsorships ensure continuity

Sponsorships – in the sense of regular, long-term donations – are another important form of lasting support. Sponsoring a child from a Children’s Village is one possibility as well as contributing an existing facility or a construction project. Sustainable support has always been the goal of SOS Children’s Villages and Deutsche Bank.

Employee engagement

Many Deutsche Bank employees volunteer in local SOS Children’s Villages. The Nuremberg branch, for instance, organized a “mobile reading tent”, which introduced children in the region to reading. Other branches have organized fundraising events, vacation programs, visits to zoos, trips to farms or soccer tournaments – activities that are fun for children and Deutschbankers alike.

Save the Children in Yemen

Almost half the children in Yemen are malnourished for their age and suffer from malaria, diarrhea and other diseases. Add to that the psychological stress from the war in the northern part of the country. Many children have also been separated from their parents due to the conflict. Their opportunities to education and secure future are limited.

Since December 2012, the Deutsche Bank Middle East Foundation has helped the Save the Children organization implement its “Animate-It” workshops in the United Arab Emirates and its food vouchers initiative in Yemen.

Food vouchers for basic needs

To address the growing nutrition emergency in Yemen, the Deutsche Bank Middle East Foundation supports the Save the Children’s food voucher initiative. With the vouchers, poor families can select the food they need in grocery stores. The initiative not only helps the needy but also supports small businesses locally.

Make a move, make a movie, make a change!

By creating smaller animated films, children can express their hopes and dreams without words – and discover their creativity and talent at the same time. The goal of the “Animate-It” workshops is to train local organizations to work with children.


“Today, 45% of households in Yemen live below the poverty line and nearly 10 million people do not have access to sufficient and nutritious food. We have been implementing the Vouchers System in Yemen since 2011 and have helped 1,400 families to date. Also, to offer children opportunities for discovery, positive creativity and development, art is a powerful tool for healing and education. We are grateful for the generous support of Deutsche Bank’s Middle East Foundation for these two important projects.”

Soha Ellaithy Director of Gulf Partnership at Save the Children

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