Sustainable credit products: Funding for green projects

For us, behaving responsibly does not only mean avoiding products, advice and services that might have a negative impact. Above all, it also means creating value and generating benefits for society. We aim to contribute to the development of a sustainable economy. Some of our products and services specifically support Deutsche Bank’s commitment to advocating a low-carbon economy. In all our European operations, we provide financing for energy-efficient buildings and renewable energy.

Our range of products for private and business clients

The Private & Business Clients (PBC) division offers a wide range of banking services to private and business clients, including loans for financing projects of environmental and climate protection. The primary focus is on projects in energy efficiency, renewable energies, and clean technologies.

In Germany, for example, we grant loans for energy-efficient building and sustainable energies that are subsidized by the KfW bank group.

KfW is a “green” bank and sustainability is part of its global promotional mission. The KfW bank group is one of the greatest promoters of renewable energy at the national and international level.

KfW bears special responsibility for sustainable improvement of economic, ecological and social living conditions as a business development bank that is owned by the federal government and federal states of Germany. Whether wind farms, solar power plants or thermal insulation for private clients or companies – one out of every three Euros of subsidies provided by KfW flows into climate protection and environmental projects. But sustainability is far more than just environmental protection. That is why KfW actively supports education, infrastructure and the development of new technologies in Germany and worldwide.

Nachhaltige Kreditprodukte

Financing energy efficiency

EUR 304 mn

in funding for energy efficient construction and renovation as part of KfW environmental programs were made available to private and business clients in Germany in 2014.

Green Credit Products

Private Clients Business Clients

KfW subsidies

  • Energy-efficient Construction - For construction or initial purchase of a new KfW energy-efficient house
  • Energy-efficient Refurbishment - For refurbishment to achieve the standard of a KfW energy-efficient house or individual energy-efficiency improvement measures; also including subsidies
  • Renewable Energies – Photovoltaics – Use the energy of the sun to generate power

You can find an overview of these and other subsidy products of KfW for private clients here.

KfW subsidies

  • KfW Environmental Program – Protect the environment and conserve resources
  • KfW Energy Efficiency Program – Reduce energy costs, benefit sustainably
  • KfW Renewable Energy Program – Generate electricity and use it sustainably
  • Benefit from KfW subsidies.

You can find an overview of these and other commercial subsidy products of KfW here.


Energia Pulita 120
Loan to buy solar panels, window frames, heat pumps, and other energy-saving measures with tax relief
Distributed through our consumer credit network

Energia Pulita 150
Loan to buy household small photovoltaic plants
Distributed through Prestitempo dealers

db PMI Energia
Business credit line to invest in green energy sources

db PMI Blue
Loan to purchase with low CO2 emissions (electric, hybrid, GPL)

db PMI Blue Taxi
Loan to purchase taxi cars with low CO2 emissions (electric, hybrid, GPL)


Préstamo Fotovoltaico
Loan to buy household small photovoltaic plants
Distributed in partnership with SunPower

Préstamo Fotovoltaico Empresas
Business credit line to invest in green energy sources
-Under development-


Eco real Estate Financing
Mortgage to buy energy-efficient or passive real estate (primary or secondary market)

Mortgage for home modernization using eco materials and eco technologies in order to have energy-efficient or passive home
Cheaper than the standard home improvement mortgage

Energy-efficient and passive construction financing
Mortgage to build or buy new energy-efficient or passive real estate with grants from NFEP&WM (max amount of grant: 50.000PLN)


Energias Renoviveis
Loan to buy household small photovoltaic plants

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