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Sustainable supply chain

Our sourcing and contract awarding guidelines integrate ecological and social criteria. Suppliers are required to comply with the principles set out in the DB Code of Conduct, such as:

  • Equal opportunity in the workplace, the right to collective bargaining as well as minimum and/or prevailing wages and benefits
  • Creation of a healthy and safe work environment, exclusion of forced and child labor, rejection of exploitation or abuse of employees
  • Support of sustainable development, environmentally responsible conduct, observation of ecological criteria in connection with production, utilization and disposal of products
  • Any vendor found to be in material breach of these requirements will not be permitted to deal with Deutsche Bank.

Green Supply Chain Initiative

  • Introduced in 2010: The Green Supply Chain Initiative creates a framework for systematic sustainability orientation throughout the entire sourcing process.
  • Eco-efficiency requirements – from defining product requirements and drafting contract clauses, to reporting on the supply chain
  • Example, suppliers have to provide information about the energy efficiency of their products or specify time limits for elimination of toxic substances in their products.
  • Introduction of Green Supply Chain frameworks for various sourcing categories – for example power from renewable energy sources, paper, multifunctional printers and servers
  • Intention to expand the initiative to include additional sourcing categories
  • Positive effects of the Green Supply Chain Initiative: e.g. new eco-power supply contracts, a growing proportion of recycling paper, more energy-efficient equipment

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