Climate projects: promoting a shift in thinking and supporting strategic measures

One of the most urgent global challenges is to meet the growing demand for energy. That must be achieved within the planet’s carrying capacity. We have amassed great expertise in conjunction with our energy and climate strategy and we utilize those in order to participate in numerous trail-blazing initiatives as an advocate of climate protection. We promote innovations with a clear focus on sustainable energy generation and resource efficiency.


What do we want to achieve?

We want to invest in the future and expedite developments in the renewable energy sector. As part of our core business we hold a leading position in renewable energy financing. Our expertise also enables us to identify, encourage and actively support strategic measures aimed at combating climate change and other global challenges.

How are we achieving our goals?

Through our research teams and cooperation with partners and political decision-makers, Deutsche Bank contributes to the development of effective strategies to promote private investment in clean energy and technologies. Leading examples of ambitious collaborative renewable energies projects are: the GET FiT Program to combat energy scarcity in emerging markets and developing countries; the pioneering Solar Impulse project; and Desertec, which offers a vision of power from the desert.

What challenges are we facing?

Most of the global economy and the majority of our clients are still primarily in sectors that are carbon and resource-intensive. We want to promote new thinking through our participation in initiatives in renewable energy.

What have we achieved?

Deutsche Bank is an internationally sought-after partner with the private and public sectors for strategic initiatives focussing on climate change and poverty alleviation.

  • The GET FiT Program to combat energy scarcity in developing countries will launch a pilot project in Uganda in 2013 that will be able to increase electricity generating capacities by 20 percent.
  • In 2009, we helped to launch the Desertec desert power project as a co-founder of the Desertec Industrial Initiative Dii. The project has generated valuable impetus for further development of renewable energies.

Two examples of how we have made a contribution towards ideas for solutions to the challenge of achieving a sustainable energy supply by providing support.

Our specific measures

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