Energy and climate strategy

Energy and climate strategy: supporting the transition to sustainable growth

In the area of energy and climate change we have developed strong capacities to promote the transition towards a cleaner and energy-efficient global economy.


GW total capacity of renewable energy projects were facilitated with Deutsche Bank's financing in 2014

What do we want to achieve?

As a globally active company, our goal is to support sustainable growth. We support clients on their path towards a future with less carbon and more reliable energy supplies. We also want to operate in a responsible and eco-efficient way, so we continuously question how we can increase our contribution to the environment in all our business divisions as well as in our infrastructure.

How are we implementing that?

The best way we can support the transformation towards a more viable society is by advising clients in a responsible manner and putting our financial skills for sustainable solutions at their disposal. Beyond this, our energy and climate strategy includes two areas of action: we are reducing our own carbon footprint and and as a climate ambassador we are supporting strategic measures at combating climate change worldwide.

What have we achieved?

We engage in renewable energy and energy efficiency in our internal operations and our business activities. As an eco-efficiency manager we achieved the goal of operating on a carbon neutral basis as of 2013. As a climate ambassador, we support numerous initiatives for the further development of renewable technologies and as a financial intermediary, we are able to offer our clients significant business opportunities in this field, e.g. in structuring or financing new renewable energy infrastructure measures to help realize the energy transition in Germany.

Energy and climate strategy

Infographic: Expertise for our future

In light of the challenges of climate change, transformation towards sustainable growth is a key task of society.

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