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Coal and coal-fired power

Deutsche Bank supports a well-balanced overall energy mix that takes economics as well as ecology into account and is, at the same time, future-oriented.


Coal mining

Renewable Energy is a crucial component in combating global warming and we support various activities in this business area. However, it is currently not possible to fulfill the substantial energy requirements worldwide solely with renewable energies. That is why we finance a diversified range of energy.

Given the increasing energy demand, we have to admit that in some regions of the world coal cannot be avoided. In those transactions that we are involved in, we make sure that the latest technology will be used and the highest efficiency levels are met.

Deutsche Bank does not provide direct financing for and is not directly involved in Mountain Top Removal, apart from providing credit support to reclamation bonds that are issued to guarantee financing for the reconstitution of disturbed land. The credit support provided to the issuance of reclamation bonds to the State where the mine is located, insures that the legally required financial resources for the rehabilitation of the specific landscape is achieved. Through these transactions we ensure that the client can comply with the important pre-requirements for getting permission for the Mountain Top Removal project and provide compensation for any environmental implications.

A case study

Coal mining

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