Work environment

Work environment: employee satisfaction and work-life balance

We attach special importance to a responsible performance culture which values every single employee and promotes a sustainable work-life balance.


Commitment Index score measuring bond between our staff and Deutsche Bank.

What do we want to achieve?

We can only achieve our goals if we succeed in strengthening the bond between our employees and the bank and by promoting their professional development and satisfaction. Our objective is to make all of our employees ambassadors of a performance culture that defines sustainable growth based on responsible values as a priority. That is why teamwork and team building are of crucial significance for us, because innovative solutions for our clients can only be found by taking various different perspectives into account.

We go to great lengths to recruit the most talented young people for Deutsche Bank. At the same time, we make the best use of the experience and competencies of our older staff. In addition to fair remuneration and flexible working time schemes along with interesting vocational and supplementary training options, we also place great value on an equitable work-life balance, thus ensuring increasingly greater employee satisfaction.

How are we implementing that?

We want to give employees the peace of mind they need to be able to concentrate on their work. For example, we offer childcare close to the workplace and help for family members who require nursing care.

Methods for coping with stress and promoting mental strength are becoming more and more important. The physical and emotional well-being of employees is essential in a performance-oriented company so we attach great importance to the balance between work and personal life and have therefore expanded our medical services to include stress management.

Our employee satisfaction survey, which is conducted annually worldwide, gives us information about employees’ attitudes towards work. This allows us to rapidly identify the potential for improvement and devise solutions to arising issues.

Transformation towards a corporate culture of sustainability and integrity is a cornerstone of our corporate strategy 2015+. To that end, we have introduced a new approach to performance assessment, among other things. This approach scrutinizes whether the successes achieved are in line with our values.

What have we achieved?

The Commitment Index, which measures how strong the bond between our employees and Deutsche Bank is, rose again and reached 73 percent in 2012, demonstrating the increase in employee satisfaction, which is based in part on an equitable work-life balance at the company. We are currently analyzing the data from our 2014 survey.

Work environment

Infographic: Security and flexibility

Our staff is constantly confronted with ever new challenges due to a demanding global working environment. But we know that a well-adjusted work-life balance increases their satisfaction.

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