Sustainable Products

Sustainable products and investment strategies

We make financial resources available to those clients and sectors that promote sustainable development and give investors the opportunity to allocate capital to sustainable products.

5.4 bn

euros assets that are managed according to environmental, social and governance criteria

What do we want to achieve?

We can make a real contribution to a more sustainable society by providing capital for projects in the area of clean technologies and renewable energy as well as to companies engaged in low-carbon sectors. We recognize the huge potential in financing for energy-efficient buildings and upgrading infrastructure using renewable energy.

We integrate environmental, social and governance aspects (ESG) in our analysis and decision-making processes when we manage clients’ assets. Investment funds managed in line with ESG strategies continue to attract more interest than the overall market – our aim is to meet clients’ demands in this fast-growing area.

How are we implementing that?

We grant loans to finance projects renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean technologies. In Germany, for example, we provide loans for energy-efficient construction and sustainable energy projects that are subsidized by the development bank, Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW). In addition, we offer sustainable credit products for private clients in the Spanish, Polish and Portuguese markets.

By incorporating environmental, social and governance aspects into asset management, we are expanding traditional investment analysis to include a long-term non-financial component. This allows our investors to gain a comprehensive overview that takes aspects such as positioning amid the competition, financial, regulatory, ecological, social and reputational risks of certain investment products into account when making investment decisions.

Our code of values for the private client business commits us to exclusively offer ethically justifiable and transparent products.

What have we achieved?

Interest in responsible investment has continued to grow. Private investors are looking for safer investment alternatives, which has benefited investment funds that meet sustainable criteria, are less volatile and have performed strongly.

Our asset management division is one of the world’s largest providers in this field. Its investment approach is based on the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI).

Our sustainable investment products have earned top ratings from independent rating companies. In 2013 DB Advisors was commended with the IAIR Award for Excellence in ESG Asset Management Global.

In 2013 we stepped up our efforts to integrate environmental, social and governance aspects into the investment process: A newly established ESG Head Office is now responsible for implementing our ESG strategy and for expanding the sustainable investment segment worldwide in our asset management division.

In 2014, we participated in developing the Sustainable Shipment Letter of Credit and the Green Bond Principles, two instruments that promote environmentally friendly activities and sustainable supply chains. In the same year, we were one of the top six European-based private sector project financiers of clean energy.

Just a few examples of how sustainable financial products of Deutsche Bank as well as joint initiatives with producers and other banks combine economic excellence and long-term objectives.

A growing market

Infographic: A growing market

About USD 14 trillion are invested sustainably worldwide. We are convinced that the incorporation of ESG criteria leads to better investment decisions.

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