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Kiva runs the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for social good,, to create opportunity for people in the developing world who have limited or no access to capital. In 2015 Kiva launched the Kiva US programme to allow people living in the US to support entrepreneurship in their own backyard.

Small businesses are significant contributors to economic growth, job creation and strong communities. Using Kiva US, people can come together to provide small businesses in their neighbourhoods with zero-interest loans. That expands access to capital for a sector that is underserved by mainstream financial markets.

Deutsche Bank is supporting the work of Kiva US in New York City. Continuing its contribution to the economic development of low-income communities in the city, the Bank matches loans of up to $5,000 to businesses that raise funds through Kiva US. The majority of borrowers are women and people of colour with businesses in low- to moderate-income neighbourhoods.

In addition, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation is working with leaders from the community development sector, local government and business improvement districts, to show how mobilising local philanthropy through Kiva US can bring together communities and help revitalise neighbourhoods across New York City.

Key achievement


Kiva US plans to support 1,000 New York City entrepreneurs by 2018.

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