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Historical Archive of Deutsche Bank

Records of Deutsche Bank's and its precursors history

The Historical Institute has in its archive some 6,000 shelf-meters of documents, the earliest of which are from precursors of Deutsche Bank and date from the mid-nineteenth century.

Some of the 6,000 shelf-metres of documents

All source material belonging to the period from 1850 up to and including 1945 is available to the public for research purposes. Use of the archive is possible only by prior appointment.

The reading library on banking history contains approx. 8,000 volumes.

Archive collections available

Institute Period Files
Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank Berlin, Secretariat 1870-1920 4.500
Deutsche Bank Berlin, America Office 1880-1930 1.400
Deutsche Bank Berlin, Oriental Office 1887-1920 1.750
Deutsche Bank Berlin, Head Office 1920-1945 12.600
Subsidiary Banks
Deutsche Centralbodencredit AG 1870-1945 3.500
Deutsche Ueberseeische Bank 1886-1945 137
Deutsch-Asiatische Bank 1889-1945 750
A. Schaaffhausen'scher Bankverein 1848-1929 1.600
Norddeutsche Bank in Hamburg 1856-1929 1.550
Hannoversche Bank 1856-1920 250
Rheinische Creditbank 1870-1929 83
Bergisch Märkische Bank 1871-1914 64
Hildesheimer Bank 1886-1928 28
Osnabrücker Bank 1888-1929 77
Süddeutsche Disconto-Gesellschaft 1905-1929 400

Special collections

  • Photographs
  • Annual reports
  • Maps and plans
  • Securities
  • Press cuttings


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