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Deutsche Bank faces up to both the continuities and the interruptions in its history. The bank chronicles its history and makes it subject of independent research, public debate and publications.

Historical Institute

Frankfurt branch at Roßmarkt 18 around 1930

The Historical Institute of Deutsche Bank performs the closely allied functions of researching the history of the bank and looking after its historically important collections of source material. more


Publications of Deutsche Bank's Historical Institute

In addition to general overviews in various formats, there is a series of paperbacks on Deutsche Bank's history in important locations. more

Milestones / Chronicle

October 29, 1929: Merger of Deutsche Bank and Disconto-Gesellschaft

Since Deutsche Bank was founded in 1870, its development has been an important part of business history. Long-term processes have influenced the bank's history, just like events that can be precisely dated. more


Sketch of Deutsche Bank Logo

Would you like to know who founded Deutsche Bank, why does it have this name, and who designed its logo? The answers to these and other questions can be found here. more

Historical Association

Dedicated to familiarizing the public with the history of Deutsche Bank and of banking in general. more

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