The Deutsche Bank Share

1. On what stock exchanges is the Deutsche Bank share listed?

The Deutsche Bank share is listed on stock exchanges in Germany and the US. For more details click here.

2. Since when has the Deutsche Bank share been listed in the United States?

As of 3 October 2001, Deutsche Bank's Global Share (GRS) is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The ticker symbol is 'DB'. The former [ADR's]  have been transferred automatically 1:1 into Global Registered Shares. For inquiries of U.S. shareholders we have established a service telephone line. If you have any questions, please dial 866 203 6614 which is a toll free number within the United States of America.

3. What are the ISIN code and the Reuters and Bloomberg symbols for the Deutsche Bank share?

ISIN code: DE0005140008
Reuters securities code (RIC): DBKGn.DE
Bloomberg symbol: DBK GR.
For further information please click here

4. What type of stock has Deutsche Bank issued?

Deutsche Bank has issued ordinary registered shares. For further information please click here.

5. What is the par value of a Deutsche Bank share?

Deutsche Bank shares are registered shares without par value. For further information please click here.

6. Where do I get information about Deutsche Bank's share price development?

On Deutsche Bank's website there is a sophisticated near-time online share price information system (prices about 15 minutes delayed) with several charting tools. Please click here.

7. When did you complete the last major capital increases? And by what number of shares?

June 2014:
On June 25, 2014 Deutsche Bank completed the capital increase from authorized capital against cash contributions it announced on May 18, 2014. The number of shares of Deutsche Bank AG has increased by 359.8 million, from 1,019.5 million to 1,379.3 million, reflecting both the capital increase without subscription rights of 59.9 million shares completed earlier, and the Bank's public offering of new shares via subscription rights. The gross proceeds of these transactions amounted to EUR 8.5 billion.
In the public offering with subscription rights, 299.8 million new registered no par value shares (common shares) were issued. The subscription price was EUR 22.50 per share. 99.1% of the subscription rights were exercised. The remaining new shares that were not subscribed were sold on the market.

April 2013:
On April 30, 2013 Deutsche Bank placed 90 million new shares with institutional investors by way of an accelerated book build offering. The placement price was Euro 32.90 per share. The aggregate gross proceeds amounted to Euro 2.96 billion. Deutsche Bank AG acted as sole bookrunner for the offering. The purpose of the capital increase is to strengthen the equity capitalisation of the bank.

October 2010:
On October 6, 2010 Deutsche Bank completed the capital increase from authorized capital against cash contributions, which it had announced on 12 September 2010. In total, 308.6 million new registered no par value shares (common shares) were issued. 99.31 percent of the subscription rights were exercised by the owners of the subscription rights, and thus 306.51 million new shares were issued at a subscription price of EUR 33.00 per share. The remaining 2.13 million new shares that were not subscribed on the basis of the subscription offer will be sold on the stock exchange.
The share capital (common shares) of Deutsche Bank AG has thus increased by EUR 790.1 million, from EUR 1,589.4 million to EUR 2,379.5 million, and the gross issue proceeds amounted to EUR 10.2 billion.
The capital increase was primarily intended to cover capital consumption from the planned Postbank consolidation, but also supported the existing capital base to accommodate regulatory changes and business growth.

March 2009:
We issued 50 million shares worth EUR 958 million through a capital increase in kind for the purchase of a minority shareholding in Deutsche Postbank AG from Deutsche Post AG. As a result of this, Deutsche Post AG held a stake of approximately 8% in Deutsche Bank until this was disposed of in its entirety at the beginning of July 2009.

September 2008:
On Septemer 22, 2008 Deutsche Bank placed 40 million new registered shares without par value with institutional investors by way of an accelerated bookbuilt offering. The placement price was Euro 55 per share. The aggregate gross proceeds amount to Euro 2.2 billion. Deutsche Bank AG acted as sole bookrunner for the offering. The purpose of the capital increase was to finance the acquisition of a minority stake of 29.75 % in Deutsche Postbank AG from Deutsche Post AG and to maintain the strong equity capitalisation also following the acquisition.

April 1999:
The capital increase during the acquisition of Bankers Trust was part of the funding strategy for this deal. The capital was increased by approximately EUR 3.3 billion and about 80 million new shares were issued.

8. What is the shareholder structure of Deutsche Bank? Who are the largest shareholders?

Measured by share capital owned institutional investors are the largest group of shareholders. Around 57% of the shareholders are German investors. For additional information please click here.

9. What is the average daily trading volume of Deutsche Bank shares?

Deutsche Bank has its primary listing in Germany. In 2014 the average daily trading volume at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Xetra) was about 8.1 million shares.

10. What is the number of Deutsche Bank's issued shares?

Information on the number of issued shares please find here.

11. Can I purchase shares directly from the bank?

No, Deutsche Bank does not offer a Direct Share Purchase Program at this time.

The Company

1. When was Deutsche Bank founded?

Deutsche Bank was originally founded in 1870.
Today's Deutsche Bank AG was established on May 2, 1957 by the (re-) merger fo three regional institutions (Norddeutsche Bank AG, Hamburg, Deutsche Bank AG West, Düsseldorf, formerly Rheinisch-Westfälische Bank AG and Süddeutsche Bank AG, Munich) which had been demerged from Deutsche Bank in 1952. For additional information on Deutsche Bank's history please click here.

2. What is the number of Deutsche Bank' s employees world-wide?

At the end of 2014 Deutsche Bank reported 98,138 FTEs (full time equivalents) of which 46.3% are based in Germany.

3. What companies has Deutsche Bank acquired/ sold over the past years?

In May 204 Deutsche Bank announced that it has reached an agreement with Blackstone Real Estate Partners VII to sell Nevada Property 1 LLC, the owner of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, a leading resort and casino. Under the transaction, Blackstone Real Estate Partners VII will acquire 100% of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for USD 1.73 billion, which will be paid in cash. The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals.
In March 2014 Deutsche Bank closed the sale of BHF-BANK to Kleinwort Benson Group and RHJ International. Deutsche Bank received total consideration subject to closing purchase price adjustments of EUR 340 million, comprised of EUR 309 million in cash and EUR 31 million in RHJ International shares issued at par value. BHF-BANK was previously held in the Non-Core Operations Unit (NCOU). The sale resulted in a CRD4 exposure reduction of approximately EUR 6 billion and had a net positive impact on the Bank's CRD4 pro-forma fully loaded common equity tier 1 ratio of approximately five basis points in the first quarter of 2014.

In February 2012 Deutsche Bank announced that the Mandatory Exchangeable Bond (MEB) was exchanged in 60 million Postbank shares (27.4%) on 27 February 2012 and that Deutsche Post exercised its option to put 26.4 million shares (12.1%) on 28 February 2012. As a result, Deutsche Bank owns an additional 86.4 million Postbank shares (39.5%). The settlement of the MEB and Put Option has no impact on Deutsche Bank’s regulatory capital and liquidity position. Since year-end 2010, Deutsche Bank has acquired additional 4.8 million Postbank shares (2.2%), leading to a total Postbank holding of 204.9 million shares (93.7%).

In November 2011 Deutsche Bank AG and UFG Asset Management Ltd. (UFG AM) announced that Deutsche Bank, through its Asset Management division, will fully acquire Deutsche UFG Capital Management. Deutsche UFG Capital Management was formed in 2008 when Deutsche Bank acquired a 40% stake in UFG Invest, the Russian investment management company of UFG AM. Ranked by Assets under Management Deutsche UFG Capital Management is one of the top 10 players in the Russian asset management industry. The product range includes investment funds and discretionary portfolio management for private and institutional clients.

In May 2010, Deutsche Bank announced that it had signed a binding agreement to subscribe for newly issued shares in Hua Xia Bank Co. Ltd. (“Hua Xia Bank”) for a total subscription price of RMB 5.6 billion (€ 587 million). Deutsche Bank’s subscription was part of a private placement of Hua Xia Bank shares to its three largest shareholders with an overall issuance value of up to RMB 20.8 billion (€ 2.2 billion). Upon final settlement of the transaction, which was effective with the registration of the new shares on April 26, 2011, this investment increased Deutsche Bank’s equity stake in Hua Xia Bank from 17.12 % to 19.99 % of issued capital.

In September 2010 Deutsche Bank AG resolved to submit a voluntary public takeover offer to the shareholders of Deutsche Postbank AG to acquire their shares. More than 70% of Postbank shareholders in free float accepted the offer, thereby leading to a majority shareholding of 52% in Postbank. The consolidation of  Postbank’s accounts became effective on December 3, 2010.
In April 2010 Deutsche Bank announced the completion of the acquisition of parts of ABN AMRO’s commercial banking activities in the Netherlands for EUR 700 million in cash. Deutsche Bank, already a leading corporate and investment bank in the Netherlands, is now the fourth-largest provider of commercial banking services in the country. The acquired businesses will use the Deutsche Bank brand name and become part of the firm’s Global Transaction Banking (GTB) business. With the acquisition, Deutsche Bank welcomed over 34,000 new clients and 1,300 new colleagues.
In March 2010 Deutsche Bank announced that it has closed the acquisition of Sal. Oppenheim Group. The purchase price was paid in cash and amounted to EUR 1.0 billion, excluding BHF Asset Servicing which is being on-sold. Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. S.C.A. is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bank AG. All Sal. Oppenheim Group operations, including all of its asset management activities, the investment bank, BHF Bank Group, BHF Asset Servicing and Sal. Oppenheim Private Equity Partners were transferred to Deutsche Bank. At the end of the year 2009, Sal. Oppenheim Group had assets under management totalling  EUR 137 billion.

In December 2009 Deutsche Bank AG completd the acquisition of Dresdner Bank's Global Agency Securities Lending business from Commerzbank AG, pursuant to the agreement entered into by the parties in May 2009. The Dresdner Agency Securities Lending business has been integrated into Deutsche Bank's Trust & Securities Services (TSS) business in Global Transaction Banking as part of its local custody franchise.
In February 2009 Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Post AG announced that they have completed the transaction disclosed on 14 January 2009 for the acquisition of a minority stake of 29.75% of Deutsche Postbank AG. Deutsche Bank’s acquisition of 50 million Postbank shares (approx. 22.9%) will be effective with the registration in the commercial register of the capital increase in kind of 50 million Deutsche Bank shares in the name of Deutsche Post. With the registration of the capital increase, Deutsche Post will hold a stake of approximately 8% in Deutsche Bank.

In October 2008 Deutsche Bank announced that it has completed the capital increase at Hua Xia Bank, which was announced in March 2008. Through the capital increase, Deutsche Bank's stake has risen from 9.9% to 13.7% of issued capital. All in all, Deutsche Bank acquired roughly 267 million new shares for a total price of RMB 3.9bn (roughly EUR 0.4bn).
In January 2008 Deutsche Bank acquired HedgeWorks, LLC (Carlsbad, California), a hedge fund administrator with more than USD 10 billion in assets under administration.
In January 2008 Deutsche Bank's Asset Management division increased its stake in leading China funds management company, Harvest Fund Management Co. Ltd, to 30% ownership, for an undisclosed price.

In October 2007, the Group acquired Abbey Life Assurance Company Limited, a UK company that consists primarily of unit-linked life and pension policies and annuities. The business is included within the CB&S Corporate Division.
In July 2007, AM completed the sale of its local Italian mutual fund business and established long term distribution arrangements with the Group’s strategic partner, Anima S.G.R.p.A. The business was included within the AWM Corporate Division.
In July 2007, RREEF Private Equity acquired a significant stake in Aldus Equity, an alternative asset management and advisory boutique, which specializes in customized private equity investing for institutional and high net worth investors. The business is included within the AWM Corporate Division.
In July 2007, the Group announced the completion of the acquisition of the institutional cross-border custody business of Türkiye Garanti Bankasi A.S. The client transition is expected to be completed in April 2008. The business will be included within the GTB Corporate Division.
In July 2007, RREEF Infrastructure completed the acquisition of Maher Terminals LLC, a privately-held operator of port terminal facilities in North America. The acquisition was the seed asset for the North America Infrastructure Fund and is included in the AWM Corporate Division. The company was deconsolidated effective October 9, 2007 after a partial sale into the fund for which it was acquired.
In June 2007, the Group completed the sale of the Australian Asset Management domestic manufacturing operations to Aberdeen Asset Management. The business was included within the AWM Corporate Division.
In January 2007, the Group sold the second tranche (41%) of PBC’s Italian BankAmericard processing activities to Istituto Centrale delle Banche Popolari Italiane (“ICBPI”), the central body of Italian cooperative banks. The business was part of the PBC Corporate Division.
In January 2007, the Group completed the acquisition of MortgageIT Holdings, Inc., a residential mortgage real estate investment trust (REIT) in the U.S. The business is included in the CB&S Corporate Division.
In January 2007, the Group completed the acquisition of Berliner Bank, which is included in the PBC Corporate Division. The acquisition expands the Group’s market share in the retail banking sector of the German capital.

In November 2006, the Group acquired norisbank from DZ Bank Group. The business is included in the PBC Corporate Division.
In October 2006, the Group announced the acquisition of the UK wealth manager, Tilney Group Limited. The transaction was closed in December 2006. The acquisition is a key element in PWM’s strategy to expand its onshore presence in dedicated core markets and to expand into various client segments, including the Independent Financial Advisors sector.
In October 2006, the Group sold 49% of its BankAmericard operation to ICBPI.
In July 2006, the Group deconsolidated Deutsche Wohnen AG following the termination of the control agreement with DB Real Estate Management GmbH. Deutsche Wohnen AG is a real estate investment company and was reported in the AWM Corporate Division.
In May 2006, the Group completed the acquisition of the UK Depository and Clearing Centre business from JPMorgan Chase & Co. The business is included in the GTB Corporate Division.
In February 2006, the Group completed the acquisition of the remaining 60% of United Financial Group (UFG), an investment bank in Russia. The business is included in CB&S Corporate Division.
In the first quarter 2006, the Group completed its sale of EUROHYPO AG to Commerzbank AG. The business was included in the CI Group Division.

Registered shares

1. When was the conversion of Deutsche Bank's bearer shares into registered shares?

On 30 August 1999 Deutsche Bank converted its bearer shares 1 to 1 into registered shares.

2. Will I be automatically registered, if I buy Deutsche Bank shares?

If an investor acquires Deutsche Bank shares and does not stipulate otherwise, the investor will be registered with the Deutsche Bank Share Register. This registration into the investor's name enables Deutsche Bank to communicate directly with its shareholders and facilitates shareholders' ability to exercise their rights. Please note that due to local regulations and operating procedures some shareholders that hold the securities via banks/brokers outside of Germany are not directly registered.

3. When do you delete my personal data from the Share Register?

Usually your personal data will be deleted from the Share Register after the sale of all your Deutsche Bank shares.

Financial information

1. When is the next earnings release?

Please click on our Financial Calendar for further details, or alternatively register for a reminder service via Info Service, if you want to be notified prior to these events.

2. How do I get a copy of the Annual Report?

You can access our financial reports directly from our website. Downloads are available in PDF format or as an online version via Reports. A paper copy of the most recent Annual Reports can be ordered through our Order Service.

Annual General Meeting

1. When will the next Annual General Meeting take place?

The next Annual General Meeting will take place on May 19, 2016.

2. How can I attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

Shareholders registered in the Deutsche Bank Share Register will automatically receive an invitation and any necessary documentation prior to the AGM. In case you are not directly registered, you should receive all documentation from your bank or broker.

3. How do I exercise my voting rights in case I am not present at the AGM?

Shareholders who are registered with the Deutsche Bank Share Register will receive documentation directly from Deutsche Bank about possible representation. Shareholders have the option to vote by proxy. If they decide to authorize the company they can send their instructions by mail or via the internet.

4. What was the percentage of share-capital represented on the last Annual General Meeting?

The share capital represented at the Annual General Meeting of May 21, 2015 was 33.37%.

Dividend Payments

1. What was the amount of the last dividend payment and when was the payment date?

The last dividend was EUR 0.75 per share, paid on May 22, 2015 for Deutsche Bank's financial year 2014.

2. How much dividend did you pay in previous years?

Please click here for dividend details.

3. When is the next dividend payment?

The Management Board intends to propose to the Annual General Meeting on May 19, 2016 to pay no dividend for fiscal year 2015.

4. How do I get the dividend payment?

The dividend will either be automatically transferred to your bank account or delivered by check.

5. Do you have a dividend reinvestment program (DRIP)?

No. It is presently under consideration, but due to legal constraints in several countries, it is not expected in the medium term. 

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