Share Buyback Program

The 2013 Annual General Meeting granted our management board the authority to buy back up to 10% for the share capital (101.9 million shares) before the end of April 2018. Thereof up to 5% (51.0 million shares) can be purchased by using derivatives. These authorizations replaced the authorizations of the 2012 Annual General Meeting, under which a total of 16.8 million shares were purchased, thereof 6.8 million via derivatives. In the same period, 27.7 million shares were used for equity compensation purposes. The number of shares held in Treasury from buybacks was close to zero as of the 2013 Annual General Meeting (May 23, 2013).

During the period from the 2013 Annual General Meeting (May 23, 2013) until December 31, 2013, 20.0 million shares were purchased, of which 5.4 million via derivatives. The shares purchased were used for equity compensation purposes in the same period so that the number of shares held in Treasury from buybacks remained close to zero as of December 31, 2013.

In the course of share buyback programs from the start of our first program in mid-2002 until December 31, 2013, we repurchased a total of 353,2 million shares worth € 19.8 billion. We sold 16.3 million shares worth € 0.5 billion to the market and cancelled 118 million Deutsche Bank shares with a value of € 7.2 billion.

Overview of all Deutsche Bank share buybacks from mid-2002 until December 31, 2013:


Share Buyback Program 2013/14: Progress Report 4Q2013 6 KB
Share Buyback Program 2012/13: Final Report 13 KB
Share Buyback Program 2011/12: Final Report 6 KB
Share Buyback Program 2010/11: Final Report 8 KB
Share Buyback Program 2009/10: Final Report 5 KB
No Share Buyback Program 2008/9
Share Buyback Program 2007/8: Final Report 17 KB
Share Buyback Program 2006/7: Final Report 40 KB
Share Buyback Program 2005/6: Final Report 20 KB
Share Buyback Program 2004/5: Final Report 66 KB
Share Buyback Program 2003/4: Final Report 69 KB
Share Buyback Program 2002/3: Final Report 13 KB
Concluded Share Buyback Programs

For information on share buyback programs which are already concluded, please click here

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