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Excerpt from the Annual Report 2014 (data as of December 31, 2014):

Overall, the number of shareholders increased in 2014 to 599,320 (2013: 566,979).

At the end of 2014, retail investors held 20% (2013: 21%) of the share capital, while institutional investors held 80% of the subscribed capital of € 3,530,939,215.36.

According to the share register, the regional distribution of share capital ownership shifted over the course of the year in favor of Germany. At the end of 2014, 57% of the share capital was held in Germany (2013: 50%) while the share held in the European Union excluding Germany decreased to 21% ( 2013: 26%). At the same time the ratio of share capital held in the USA declined to 13% (2013: 15%), while the percentage held in the rest of the world remained broadly stable at 10%. 

Deutsche Bank shares continue to be almost entirely in free float. Around 99% of the bank’s shareholders in 2014 were retail investors. 

Since the capital increase in June 2014, Deutsche Bank has two large shareholders whose holdings are above the statutory reporting threshold of 3%. The strategic anchor investor, Paramount Services Holdings Ltd., holds a share ratio of 5.83 %. BlackRock Inc., New York, holds a share ratio of 6.62%.

Information on our currently known and reported large shareholders is available on the upper part of this website to the right.



Large Shareholders acc. to Art. 21, Sec. 1 German Securities Trading Act - up to date

September 25, 2014:
BlackRock, Inc., New York, holds 6.62% Deutsche Bank shares.

June 25, 2014:
Paramount Services Holdings Ltd., British Virgin Islands, holds 5.83% Deutsche Bank shares.

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