Shareholder Structure


Excerpt from the Annual Report 2014 (data as of December 31, 2014):

Overall, the number of shareholders increased in 2014 to 599,320 (2013: 566,979).

At the end of 2014, retail investors held 20% (2013: 21%) of the share capital, while institutional investors held 80% of the subscribed capital of € 3,530,939,215.36.

According to the share register, the regional distribution of share capital ownership shifted over the course of the year in favor of Germany. At the end of 2014, 57% of the share capital was held in Germany (2013: 50%) while the share held in the European Union excluding Germany decreased to 21% ( 2013: 26%). At the same time the ratio of share capital held in the USA declined to 13% (2013: 15%), while the percentage held in the rest of the world remained broadly stable at 10%. 

Deutsche Bank shares continue to be almost entirely in free float. Around 99% of the bank’s shareholders in 2014 were retail investors. 

Information on our currently known and reported large shareholders is available on the upper part of this website to the right.



Large Shareholders acc. to Art. 21, Sec. 1 German Securities Trading Act - up to date

February 3, 2016:
BlackRock, Inc., New York, holds 6.71% Deutsche Bank shares.

August 20, 2015:
Paramount Services Holdings Ltd., British Virgin Islands, holds 3.05% Deutsche Bank shares.

August 20, 2015:
Supreme Universal Holdings Ltd., Cayman Islands, holds 3.05% Deutsche Bank shares.

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