Asset Management

Entrusting Deutsche Bank with the management of your savings means relying on a leading international group whose expertise has been acquired over the years. Clients have access to all the types of savings management instruments: mutual investment funds, hedge funds, real estate funds but also portfolio management and institutional mandates. The range of mutual investments is broad and comprehensive, and includes Italian and foreign funds, open-ended funds, closed-ended funds and sicavs made available also by prestigious investment houses worldwide.

A wide offer
Clients can rely on innovative solutions:

Funds and Sicavs managed by the experts of DWS Investments, a Group structure specialised in savings management 
Active Investments

DB Advisors: Asset Management products for institutional clients
DB Advisors

Certificates, Covered Warrants and Funds from the X-markets range, plus db x-trackers, the exchange traded funds which combine the advantages of shares and mutual investments funds into one single product
Passive Investments 

Real estate funds: Valore Immobiliare Globale, Piramide Globale e Dolomit 
Alternative Investments

Asset Management


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Last Update: May 13, 2014
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