Business Banking

Competence and reliability, paired with the solidity of a large international banking group: these are the values that make Deutsche Bank an ideal partner for building and growing a successful business.
With over 320 branches in Italy, an international presence in more than 70 countries and approximately 30 million clients, Deutsche Bank's leadership extends not only to investments, but also to financing.

Deutsche Bank has over 60,000 business clients in Italy, and more than 850,000 worldwide, served by a dedicated network of 1,200 Relationship Managers based at 1,400 branches in Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland and India and over 1,500 branches in the rest of the world.
Business Banking - the business channel dedicated to companies with a turnover of over €2.5 million - offers a comprehensive range of solutions, designed to meet all business needs, through a network of over 100 experts spread throughout the country.


. The experience of an international network in providing the best products and services for small enterprises and businesses in Italy
. Traditional banking services and innovative products
. Products developed in collaboration with Italian and European consortia and institutions
. Optimal financial management for professionals, commercial businesses and manufacturers, made possible by perceptive, personalised advice
. Integrated advice on managing investments and insurance cover for entrepreneurs and business owners, without neglecting pension planning.

A broad range of products available to clients

The product line includes:

. domestic and international bank accounts
. remote banking
. corporate credit cards
. financial and commercial guarantees
. short and medium term financing
. international trade finance products (letters of credit and documentary collections)
. interest and exchange rate hedging
. insurance products
. structured finance transactions
. corporate finance advice

specifically adapted to the requirements of:


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