Business Banking

Expertise, reliability and solidity of a big international banking Group are the values that make Deutsche Bank the ideal partner for building and increasing the success of your professional activity.
With more than 330 Italian Branches, an international presence in more than 70 Countries and 30 million clients in the world, Deutsche Bank is a leader not only in the investment products sector but also in the financial field.

Deutsche Bank serves more than 850,000 Business Clients worldwide.
They are assisted by a network of 1,200 dedicated Relationship Managers that work in 1,400 Branches in Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, India and by 1,500 Agency localized in the rest of the world.
In particular, in Italy Deutsche Bank supports over 60,000 entrepreneurs, artisans, merchants and enterprises through its Business Banking structure, offering a wide range of products and services designed for Professionals and Small and Medium Enterprises, in order to respond to their specific needs.


  • the expertise of an international network that can provide the best products and services dedicated to entrepreneurs, professionals, shopkeepers, artisans and Small and Medium Enterprises
  • traditional banking services and innovative products
  • short and medium-term financial solutions, developed even in collaboration with national and EU institutions and with consortia
  • optimal financial management of the professional, commercial and productive activities, thanks to an accurate and customised expert advice
  • expert advice related to personal investments and insurance coverage needs, including social security planning, for key persons and entrepreneurial roles

A broad range of products available to clients

The product range includes::

  • domestic and international bank accounts
  • remote banking
  • corporate credit cards
  • financial and commercial guarantees
  • short and medium term financing
  • trade finance products
  • derivatives and collaterals on interest rates, foreign exchange rates and commodities
  • insurance products

based on the requirements of:

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