Financial Advisors

With 1,480 advisors throughout the country, Finanza & Futuro Banca is Deutsche Bank's network of financial experts specialised in managing the financial needs of clients at 360 degrees. The Finanza & Futuro Banca advisors offer qualified and distinctive long-term financial advice - high quality financial advice - and follow the clients throughout the entire process of analysis, financial planning and management of their assets.

Finanza & Futuro Banca offers to the clients a wide range of products in Investments, Social security and insurance, Loan and banking Services.

The advisors can count on several tools for clients management, as the Solution & Business Center, the new service and relations centre that provides for prompt, practical and effective answers and the Deutsche Bank branches for banking transactions and the Internet channel.

The highest level of service thanks to two key principles:

- Open Architecture

A multibrand platform for all the investment products that combines the internal offer with tools provided by prestigious national and international partners.

- TotalCare

An innovative advice programme and effective focus on the network of advisors and clients, an integrated and complete platform of activities, systems, resources and staff working towards the concept of "global satisfaction".

The range of products:

Social security and insurance
Banking services

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Last Update: May 25, 2016
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