Deutsche Bank Financial Advisors

Deutsche Bank Financial Advisors is the Deutsche Bank Group's network of financial advisors operating in the asset management sector in Italy. Through a network of 1,300 specialised advisors based throughout Italy, it distributes investment, financial, banking, insurance and supplementary pension products, ensuring high-quality service according to an increasingly client-centric vision.

What sets apart the financial advice provided by the advisors at Deutsche Bank Financial Advisorsis the integrated, long-term approach, from an analysis of each client's needs to financial planning and asset management.

Client relationships are central to the strategy pursued by the company, which has developed effective tools for meeting all needs in a timely manner.

The breadth of its range, high-quality products and its ability to formulate appropriate responses to investors' needs are the strengths that Deutsche Bank Financial Advisors brings to bear in providing excellent service to its end clients.

A high level of service thanks to two key principles:

. Open Architecture

All of the opportunities that the financial markets have to offer made available to clients. In addition to the Group's products, Deutsche Bank Financial Advisors also offers those of leading Italian and international investment firms.

. TotalCare

An innovative advisory programme, a comprehensive, integrated platform of activities, systems, resources and people to support clients in their financial planning, organised into a single, clear project, made possible by a shared approach, skills honed over time and the support of cutting-edge tools.

The range of products:

Social security and insurance
Banking services

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Last Update: July 3, 2018
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