The expertise of an international leading group made available to clients. Markets is the Group division specialised in investment strategies and innovative solutions for finance, investment, financial risk management and hedging needs of important multinationals, corporates, public bodies and institutional investors.
Thanks to an innovative strategic risk management approach and to constant and effective advice on investments, Deutsche Bank guarantees operations on all financial markets, regulated markets around the world and ensures that clients have access to specialised instruments and products, from financial to real estate investments.

Clients' needs are a priority

Markets manage all the structuring, sales & trading activities as well as research on equities, currencies, money markets, commodities and derivatives. It structurEs also specialised investment instruments such as derivatives and covered warrants.

An open window on the markets

Deutsche Banks provides research and analysis on share and bond markets by sector and by geographical area. The Equity research area, which has a team of analysts also in Italy, can cover 90% of MSCI World Index shares through its research.

A complete package of services

A range of equity solutions for institutional, corporate and retail clients which can count on one of the most comprehensive offers in the world

A never-ending research of innovative solutions developed with the aim of becoming the trusted partner of institutional investors and companies on fixed income markets

A whole range of e-commerce products that can be managed directly from the PC

More than 330 among researchers and experts distributed throughout the world to create value with each currency trading transaction
Foreign Exchange

Global presence, monitoring of every type of commodity and special expertise in complex derivatives, environmental finance and energy

The underwriter with the highest growth rate in North America and with a competitive position that has no equivalents in Europe
Capital markets

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Last Update: March 28, 2011
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