Markets is the group division that specialises in investment strategies and innovative solutions for financing, investment and financial risk management and coverage of major multinationals, corporates, public entities and institutional investors.
With an innovative approach to strategic risk management and consistent and effective investment advice, Deutsche Bank carries out operations across all financial markets and regulated markets worldwide and provides access to specialised tools and products, from financial investments to real estate investments.

Putting clients' needs first
The Markets division manages all structuring, sales and trading activities and carries out research on securities, currencies, money markets, commodities and derivatives. It also structures specialised investment instruments, such as derivatives and covered warrants.

An open window on the markets
Deutsche Bank provides research and analysis at both the sectoral and geographical levels on the equity and bond markets. In particular, the Equity Research area, which has a team of analysts in Italy, is able to cover 90% of the stocks of the capitalisation of the MSCI World index with its own research.

A complete services package
A range of equity-related solutions for institutional, corporate and retail clients that can rely on one of the broadest offerings in the world

An unceasing search for innovative solutions to become the trusted partner of institutional investors and companies in the fixed income markets

An entire range of e-commerce products enabling direct operations via computer

More than 330 researchers and experts worldwide to create value in every transaction related to currency trading
Foreign Exchange

The most rapidly growing underwriter in North America in absolute terms with an unrivalled competitive position in Europe
Capital markets
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Last Update: January 15, 2018
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