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Born To Be

A reported 300 million young people around the world are without jobs due to adverse circumstances or lack of opportunities as they are unable to reach a level of education and skills needed to find success in life. Many are denied the chance to get the best education through barriers such as poverty, disadvantage, economic mobility and unequal access. Even when children and youth do go to school, they are not receiving the education standards they need. 250 million children struggle with numeracy and literacy. Combined with a lack of critical thinking, limited self-confidence and low resilience, the impact is damaging - leading to low-skilled work or, worse, no job at all.

More broadly, education is a key influence in social and economic development. It provides the workforce and the innovators of the future. Education is crucial to social cohesion too, because it enables people from a disadvantaged background to earn an income that can provide a better quality of life and inspire future generations.

Education is also vital to the future of business. In order to operate in prosperous communities business needs a skilled workforce and people who embrace critical thinking; this is equally true for Deutsche Bank and its clients. Those skills must be developed today, so as to ensure that they meet the needs of a fast-changing global marketplace.

At Deutsche Bank, we believe in the power of education and that every individual is born to be something. We want every child and young person to receive an education that helps them to fulfill their potential, which includes securing gainful and rewarding employment. Since the beginning of the 20th century Deutsche has been investing in educational initiatives to support the growth and prosperity of our global society. It is this legacy that drives our global Born to Be programme.

Foundation Deutsche Bank Italy is partner of San Patrignano Community, an anti-drug centre, and has built a strategic partnership with the Bocconi University, a private institution that aims to provide high level of education without discriminations.

Born to Be projects

Born to be in the world

Born to be has been really successful all over the world as many countries have adhered to the project.


People reached by the Born to Be projects.


The projects that have been activated.

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Last Update: November 21, 2016
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