Our Commitment

We work with sophisticated global clients, who expect our teams to reflect their own. This is why we are committed to nurturing our diverse culture. Setting Goals, creating senior leader accountability and measuring results: this is how we are embedding our commitment to diversity deep within our organization. more

Our Stories

Acceptance. Respect for the unfamiliar. Enriching our experience. Building a winning team. This is what one of our teams in Berlin had to say about what diversity means, and why it matters. more

Our Conferences

The Deutsche Bank-sponsored Women in Business Conferences attract over 5,000 employees and clients per annum. The first conference was in New York in 1995 and since then we have held 50 conferences in Frankfurt, New York, London, Singapore and Sydney. In 2013 Milan has joined the Women in Business network. more

Our Initiatives

Diversity Councils drive our diversity agenda in 5 regions. They are supported by employee networks passionate about making sure every one of our people feel they can come to work and be themselves. more

Diversity in Italy

Deutsche Bank is committed to diversity in Italy since 2011. Supported by the European Diversity Council, where Flavio Valeri - Chief Country Officer of Deutsche Bank Italy sits on -  Deutsche promotes initiatives for Italian employees and clients  to foster diversity as a key factor to create innovation and value for the society.






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