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Sustainability: Ensuring Viability

Deutsche Bank aims to secure a healthy environment as well as optimal living and working conditions now and in the future for our employees, clients and shareholders.

Our commitment is concentrated on the three core areas of acting sustainably: Environmental protection, social equality and responsible corporate management. One example of our activities towards this goal is the development of a Group-wide strategy in 2005 aimed at promoting climate protection within our core business and within our company as well as also engaging in a target-oriented dialog with our stakeholders concerning this goal.


  • Our Mission Statement

    Thinking today about tomorrow. more

    Environmental aspects

    We use green technology and protect natural resources whenever we can. more

    Sustainability Management System

    Structures for a successful future. more

    Social aspects

    We create a healthy and safe work environment - for the benefit of our employees. more

    Sustainability Ratings and Indices

    Parameters for future-oriented corporate management. more

    Governance aspects

    We have our activities and goals monitored on a regular basis - in a transparent and independent way. more

  • Invest in the Future -
    With Sustainable Products from Deutsche Bank

    As we examine the global economy, it becomes apparent just how widespread the business opportunities are in the climate change sector. Companies and investors are quickly realizing that climate change is not merely a social, political, or moral issue - it is an economic and business issue as well. This is translating into a wave of investment and innovation. Deutsche Bank helps you to invest in these business opportunities with numerous products. more

  • Green Car

    As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, Deutsche Bank Italy brings the motto "Banking on Green" also to its company car fleet, changing its previous cars with 140 Fiat Punto Evo Natural Power eco -friendly vehicles. more

    Sustainability in the branches

    200 Deutsche Bank Italy branches will be completely renovated in a green perspective. This will allow a 50% water consumption and energy saving and a reduction in CO2 emissions. more


    One of the most promising energy projects in the future - Deutsche Bank is part of it. more

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Last Update: December 3, 2010
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