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Made For Good

Enterprise plays a vital role in the growth and prosperity of communities around the world. Through history, entrepreneurs have led the way in answering unmet needs. An emerging breed of entrepreneur is using the enterprise model to address issues in society. From developed to developing world, socially-motivated entrepreneurs and organisations that support social entrepreneurship are providing new ways to tackle poverty, unemployment, inequality, deprivation and other challenges that limit prospects and quality of life. They are creating change on a local, national and international scale. In Europe alone, one in four new start-ups is a social business. Yet as many as 80% of start-ups do not survive beyond 18 months (Bloomberg, 2013) and the hurdles are even greater for businesses with social goals.

Business knowledge and skills and connections to others can help them build momentum and capacity. They need funding too, but early-stage ventures find it hardest to attract investors. Continuing Deutsche Bank's long history of championing initiatives that drive positive change in society, we created our global enterprise programme, Made for Good, to help these pioneers succeed.

In Italy, we collaborate with Polihub (Link- pagina di progetto), one of the most important startups incubators in Italy and Cometa Foundation (Link- pagina di progetto), who provide young artists and artisans the resources and the experience to be independent and start their own business.

Made for Good: Our Projects

Made for Good

Made for good is one of the global projects of Deutsche Bank AG. To find out the 30 projects active in 12 countries click here.

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