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Welcome to the Deutsche Bank Dodd-Frank Resource Centre.

Deutsche Bank AG (“Deutsche Bank”) is provisionally registered as a swap dealer.  This website provides information about The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (“Dodd-Frank”) and contains certain disclosures that Deutsche Bank as a registered swap dealer is required to provide to certain counterparties when entering into swap transactions regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”).  If you are trading with Deutsche Bank AG and you are not a U.S. person as defined by the CFTC the disclosures provided on this website may not be relevant to you.

May 1, 2013 marks the compliance date for a majority of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (“Dodd-Frank”) rules regarding business conduct standards for swap dealers when engaging in “Swap” transactions regulated by the CFTC with certain counterparties (CFTC Regulation 23.400 et seq.).

To address Deutsche Bank’s disclosure obligations under Dodd-Frank, we ask that you carefully review all disclosures, material economic terms, and ISDA definitions provided on this website prior to entering into any Swap transaction with Deutsche Bank if you are U.S. person as defined by the CFTC. These disclosure obligations do not pertain to transactions with other swap dealers, “major swap participants,” and “security-based swap dealers.”

Copies of certain pre-printed forms of ISDA Master Agreements, Credit Support Documentation and other miscellaneous documentation, including the ISDA Novation Agreement, are included on the “Need to know” page and should be reviewed when these documents are incorporated by reference into a Confirmation of a transaction.  Some of these disclosure documents are password protected and you will receive an email communication from Deutsche Bank that contains the password.  If you have not received this communication please contact us at

For ease of reference, we have provided the disclosure material by asset class.  As an example, if you are entering into an equity swap, please review the general disclosure and the product specific disclosure provided in the “Equities” link and if you are entering into a commodity swap, please review the general disclosure and the product specific disclosure provided in the “Commodities” link. 

In addition please note that, Deutsche Bank may provide you with additional disclosure statements for swap transactions to supplement or supersede the information provided herein, as well as transaction-specific disclosures in connection with particular transactions.  Please review this website frequently for updates as the disclosures may change without notice to you.

Please note that in respect of each swap transaction you enter into with Deutsche Bank and all interactions between you and Deutsche Bank in connection with a transaction or proposed transaction, Deutsche Bank is entering into each swap transaction in its capacity as a counterparty and is not undertaking to assess the suitability of any swap transaction or trading strategy involving a swap for you. 

You will make your own independent decision to enter into the swap transaction with Deutsche Bank and as to whether it is appropriate or proper based on your own judgment and upon advice from such advisers as you deem necessary.  Nothing provided on this website shall amend or supersede the terms of any written or binding oral agreement between the parties, any related documentation or terms of business provided or published by Deutsche Bank.

Many of the disclosures provided on this website were developed by a working group organized by the International Swaps & Derivatives Association, Inc. ("ISDA"), which included the participation of many market participants and therefore were drafted to cover a broad range of terms, conditions, product types and features that may not be relevant to the transactions you enter into with Deutsche Bank. 

ISDA holds copyright on certain ISDA documents and these documents may not be reproduced or distributed without ISDA’s written permission, except the ISDA Master Agreements, ISDA Credit Support Documents and standardized general and product specific risk disclosures published by ISDA, which may be reproduced and distributed solely for use in documenting specific commercial transactions.

Additional information on Segregation of Initial Margin Posted in Respect of Uncleared Security-Based Swaps – Information on bank resolution procedures and creditor participations (bail-ins)

Counterparty External Business Conduct Rights

  • right to request and receive a Scenario Analysis
  • right to receive daily marks
  • right to select the derivatives clearing organization for a cleared transaction
  • right to elect to clear a swap transaction that is not subject to mandatory clearing
  • right to elect to be treated as a Special Entity, if you are an employee benefit plan

Download the Counterparty External Business Conduct Rights Document.

CFTC Interim Compliant Identifiers (CICI)

Deutsche Bank AG

  • Deutsche Bank AG (and all of its branches) (CICI# 7LTWFZYICNSX8D621K86) is registered with the National Futures Association as a swap dealer (NFA ID# 0210678) and is not a U.S. Person under the final definition of "U.S. Person" promulgated by the CFTC on July 26, 2013.

  • In the inter-dealer market, when transacting in CFTC governed swaps, Deutsche Bank AG is willing to enter into swap transactions with (1) non-U.S. Persons who are not guaranteed or conduit affiliates and (2) any registered swap dealer.

  • In order to ensure compliance with its requirements as a swap dealer under the CFTC's external business conduct rules Deutsche Bank AG must be informed of the identity of any U.S. Person that is not a registered swap dealer before executing a CFTC governed swap transaction with such a counterparty.

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