Wealth Management

An international bank inside a private bank (and vice versa)

A private bank always takes its time. It listens intensively to clients, asks the right questions and analyses whether the asset structure is co-ordinated to their plans for the future. The better the bank knows its clients, the more specifically it can advise them. Over many years. In the form of Wealth Management offered by Deutsche Bank in Luxembourg, for example.

An international bank operates all around the world. Whether in Sydney or New York, London or Tokyo, its employees follow and influence what happens on the financial markets. Such a global network benefits clients, too. You, to be more specific. Your asset consultant supplies you with the relevant information at an early stage – for your very own knowledge head-start.

After all, Wealth Management at Deutsche Bank in Luxembourg is both: a private bank and an international bank. This enables you to enjoy the personal support offered by a small banking institute while benefiting from the advantages of bundled know-how offered by a global operator.

You choose whether the focus is to be on consulting or asset management. If you opt for consulting, we will supply you with targeted facts and background information enabling you to make specific investment decisions. Asset management involves you earmarking the pillars according to which we act. Furthermore, we also offer structured special solutions (keyword: SICAV).

Talk to us. We speak your language. And you can take us literally as far as our employees are concerned. A dozen different mother tongues and a wide variety of skills represent a firm basis ensuring that our clients feel we understand them well.


Would you like to benefit from Wealth Management? Call us at 00352/42122-548, or e-mail us at: mailto:wmlux@db.com

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Last Update: May 29, 2017
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