October 01, 2008

St├Ądel Museum Press Conference

Press Release 104 KB
Speech Dr. Josef Ackermann (only in German) 68 KB
Facts and Figures 108 KB
Special supplement (only in German) 1.50 MB
Photo: Signing of the contract 2.23 MB

June 10, 2008

CSR Press Conference

Release 30 KB
Speech Dr. Josef Ackermann (only in German) 26 KB
Presentation (only in German) 577 KB
Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2007 "More than money: Building social capital" 5.29 MB

May 29, 2008

Annual General Meeting

Release 19 KB
Speech Dr. Josef Ackermann 78 KB
Presentation 543 KB
Presentation Performance Overview 576 KB
Photo Dr. Ackermann and Dr. Börsig 1.41 MB

Further information:
Webpage Annual General Meeting

February 07, 2008

Annual Press Conference

Release 51 KB
Speech Dr. Josef Ackermann 61 KB
Presentation 647 KB


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